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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday(s) Charlotte! (Parts 2-3)

Charlotte's birthday seemed to go on and on and on this year.  From Saturday with my parents until Tuesday, on her real birthday, she celebrated.  It got to the point that whenever she saw a gift of any kind anywhere, she would say, "Mine!  It's my birthday!"

Who could blame her, though....with this sitting up on the counter....
"Please, Daddy?  Please, Please, Please?"
(which sounds an awful lot like Deeeee Daddy, Deeee, Deeee, Deeee)
 Hannah helped her open the first gift from Kay Kay (and claimed it as her own)
 Charlotte opened the next for herself.  She is such a little mother. Love.
 Later on that day, Ms. Dana and Ms. Jan came over so Jan could see the house and give us an estimate for.....wait for it....CLEANING IT!  Yes, that's right...we are going to have her come in and clean the house while we are at the beach.  I can't tell you how excited I am, and how wonderful it will be to come home to a nice clean house!
Anyhow, Charlotte talked Dana into a story...and of course, Hannah had to get in on the action.
This picture just makes me giggle.
 Then, finally, on Tuesday, it was Charlotte's bithday.  Here's my 2 year old in one of her new dresses from Kay Kay.
 And the presents Daddy bought and wrapped (in reindeer paper...where he found it, I don't know!
 Opening presents!

 and giving kisses

 Then off to Dwarf House
 Where the favorite things were the balloons
 Char ate ice
 and ice cream (her "cake")
 And then home to play with the gifts.  The sand and water table is the best gift.  The girls just love it.
 And where was Josh during all of this?  Loving college, and doing things like hiking, studying, going to classes, and oh yeah, cliff diving.  I stole this off his facebook page....miss this boy!

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  1. It won't be long (4 months) until I have a 2 year old too ... They grow up so fast!! Looks like Charlotte had a GREAT birthday festival - :) She is the 2nd 2 year old who has gotten a sand/water table & LOVED it ... I just saw one today at Big Lots ... should have bought it! Maybe I will yet & stash it ... although it won't be as fun in December ;)