As you come to him, the living Stone--rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him--you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2: 4-5

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pictureless Birthday...

No, not because I didn't take them...but because the cord that lets me load the pictures on the computer is defunct and so I can't load them to post them. However, if I were able to post them, you'd get the following snapshot of her big day:

5:15 The birthday girl wakes up with a 103 temperature, screaming her throat hurts.

6:00 the birthday girl coughs so hard she throws up

6:00-12:00 The birthday girl lays on her weary momma and watches TV or looks at her presents--one of them unwrapped--her new kitchen

12:00-1:00 The birthday girl gets in the car and miraculously, on the way to the doctor, recovers enough to jump into the doctor's office

1:30 The birthday girl sees the doctor, does her deep breathing (now that she is 3--refused to do it before), gets a breathing treatment

2:00 She then heads over to Henry General for chest x-rays (Daddy meets us there since they won't let me go back with her)

3:30 head home, with no pneumonia, but an antibiotic, to have dinner and presents with the family and Maranda.

5:30 Eats two hot dogs and one bite of mac and cheese, declares her cake yucky, and opens presents. Loves, loves, loves her Dora tent with the attached tunnel.

8:30 Goes to sleep with only a mild fever

10:30 wakes up to get treatment, starts babbling and hallucinating. I take her temp, 104.8. Gets pumped full of Motrin, and I lay on her floor while she moans and groans and talks in her sleep.

12:00 I take her temp again. Still 104.8. Give her tylenol, strip her, place wet rags on her. pray.

1:49 Finally goes to sleep without babbling and moaning.
Is awoken at 3:30 for more treatment. Seems cool. I am thrilled.

5:15 Declares it is not her birthday anymore before screaming and getting more motrin because her temp is back up to 102.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl! I love you and hope and pray that you are feeling better soon!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Let them eat cake!

Or at least let them make it!
Tomorrow is Hannah's big day...her 3rd birthday...and to help her get ready, I let her help me make and decorate her cake. She had a great time (once she got over being scared of the mixer!)
Stirring the batter...
Licking the fork....

Being silly while we were waiting for it to come out of the oven!

My girls icing the cake. Hannah ended up punching holes in the cake as she did so, but she told me she was being "very very gentle."

Putting the letters on her cake.

The finished product...If you look closely, it says " C Happy Birt dahy Hannah." She was so so proud and wanted to eat it right away. She was a bit put out with us when we told her she had to wait.

Hard to believe that in less than 5 hours, my baby girl will be three!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

101st post...

101 things about me
(OK, so someone let me know that they thought that posting prom pictures was a cop-out. Truth be told, I don't think I can think of 100 things about me that would interest anyone...but I'll give it a shot)

1. I was born in Oakland, California.
2. I love San Francisco.
3. I would love to travel, if only I didn't hate flying and I didn't get car sick.
4. I think that my background is incredibly boring. I sometimes wish I were Italian or Greek or something interesting and rich in history.
5. I have lived in California, Wisconsin, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia.
6. I wish I lived in Hawaii--except the schools are so bad.
7. I still hot roll my hair.
8. I wish big hair and shoulder pads would come back in style...I did the 80's really well....but I don't admit it to anyone.
9. I told my teacher in second grade that my name was really Alyssa Sue....and she believed me.
10. In second grade, I got tired of standardized testing and just filled in bubbles.
11. I think I must have been troubled in 2nd grade.
12. I can remember events in my life by the music of the era or the song that was playing on the radio.
13. We moved on Valentine's Day in 1976 and I remember sitting on my mom's bed with my tin foil covered Valentine's Day box, reading my valentines, crying, and listening to Barry Manilow. We would be moving the next day.
14. I loved playing SPUD when I lived in Wisconsin...I don't think anyone plays it anymore, and that makes me sad.
15. The first day of third grade in Alabama, I wore a dress and everyone else had on jeans.
16. We had a tornado drill that day, and I really really wish that I had worn pants.
17. The first person I met on that day was Pam Forbus. She had already developed and I can still remember the shirt she was wearing.
18. I spend most of elementary school wanting to be Becky Cardwell.
19. I broke my pinkie finger in 6th grade trying to catch a kickball way way way out in the outfield. Felecia Whetstone had been a captain and had to pick me. She was really mad when I dropped the ball.
20. I never went to prom, despite the fact that I had three people ask my best friend if I would go with them. I was way too picky.
21. My first date was a double date to Talladega Alabama. I still remember exactly what I was wearing...white capri pants and a turquoise/white shirt with HUGE ruffles at the shoulders.
22. I made a scrapbook devoted entirely to rick Springfield. I am so embarrassed when I look at it now.
23. My best friend in middle and high school reserved a page in my yearbook to reflect on our year together and pledging to be friends forever. I only heard from her once after we moved to Georgia.
24. My first kiss was at Mitzi Mallory's Christmas party with Randy Bentley. Barry Manilow was on the stereo.
25. I am a school geek. I have always loved school and studied without having to be told. I would still go to school if I had the time, had the money, and didn't have an intense fear of public speaking.
26. I didn't go to my high school graduation. I went to Europe instead.
27. I went to Europe at graduation, went to several countries, visited many famous places. Unfortunately, I was too interested in the boys to really pay attention.
28. I would never go back to high school.
29. I would go back to college in a heartbeat.
30. I roomed with 4 other girls in a townhouse for the last 2.5 years of college and it was the most fun.
31. I have never smoked a cigarette or done an illegal drug.
32. My Italian professor made a pass at me my junior year.
33. I was offered a summer internship in Italy my senior year in college. I didn't even consider it...because of a stupid boy!
34. I got accepted to UVA's master's program in special education. I didn't go....because of a stupid boy!
35. I did a lot of stupid things....because of a stupid boy.
36. I have no regrets...except maybe the Italy thing...because who knows how each of those decisions led me to where I am now.
37. I got a job immediately out of college teaching interrelated LD resource, and I loved it.
38. I loved the special ed kids, but hated the paperwork.
39. I begged my principal to move me to first grade. He did, and I've been there every since.
40. I love teaching a child to read, but even more to love literature.
41. I absolutely love my job and even if I didn't have to work, I still would want to teach.
42. When Maddy was born, I took a year off. I went to Josh's kindergarten open house and came home and cried. Not because he was going to kindergarten, but because I missed being in school.
43. When I was 11, I was "kidnapped" by a Baptist youth group who told me I was going to hell. From that moment on, I had an intense hatred for baptists.
44. Then I met and married one.
45. That experience when I was 11 colors the way that I talk to others about the Lord. I never want another child to feel the way that I did that night.
46. I still feel woefully inadequate when I try to witness....unless it is to a child or group of children. I like to think I witness with my actions.
47. but I know that in that area also, I fall woefully short.
48. The first church that I went to after I started going back to church will always hold a special place in my heart. It is the first place I really learned about God's love, and witnessed passionate worship.
49. Even though I don't go to an Episcopal church any more, I can still say the Nicene Creed, Apostle's Creed, and the communion liturgy by heart.
50. I played the organ (very badly) for my church when I was 13.
51. I took piano lessons from the time I was 8 until 16. I hated to practice, but hated even more the recitals and the competitions my teacher made me compete in .
52. I wish I had room for the piano that my grandmother left me. I love playing and would love to take it up again.
53. I wish that one of my children would take up the piano...or some musical instrument.
54. I took art, and can draw pretty well, but if I have anyone watching or any expectations, I clam up and can't do it.
55. I tried out of the drill team in 7th grade. I was one of three that didn't make it. That has colored my desire to try new things ever since.
56. I have a horrible fear of public speaking. However, I gave my testimony at church at three different churches and it was liberating. And once I got going, I wasn't even nervous.
57. I love to write. I would love to freelance.
58. I have a sister and a brother that I wish I were closer to.
59. My first husband was everything that I thought I wanted. he left me broken.
60. Daryl was everything that I thought I was NOT looking for. I told myself I would never date someone who drove a truck, wore a hat, or was Baptist. I didn't like red hair and blue eyes. I'm a sucker for good teeth. Yet, he is perfect for me.
61. Praise the Lord that God knew better than I did.
62. I really do feel like Daryl is a gift from God. Josh, when he was 9, once referred to Daryl as an angel that God had sent to help us. I think he is right.
63. I wonder how my kids turned out so great, considering the kind of mom I am.
64. My greatest fear in life is my ex-husband coming back into my chidlren's lives, and I know that it probably is something that they need to confront him and to get some closure.
65. I have been taking medication for panic disorder since 2000.
66. I used to be ashamed of this, but realize that it is not because I am not strong, but that I have lived through some horrible things and this is the way God gave me to deal. I have been able to help others through my own experiences.
67. I filed for divorce, filed for bankruptcy, and stood in the welfare line all in one day.
68. We were the needy family for a Catholic church one year, and it was incredibly humbling.
69. I am running out of things to say about myself.
70. I do not enjoy being pregnant, but I love the labor and delivery process. Weird, huh?
71. I do not like the newborn stage. I loved my babies, but enjoyed them much more after they were 6 months old.
72. I am an all or nothing kind of person. Either I am 100% in control of my life, or not at all.
73. I have cried every day since I have become pregnant. Not because I am unhappy about being pregnant, but something has made me cry every day. Before that, I had not cried in a year.
74. I am not a pretty crier.
75. I love pizza.
76. Until I got pregnant, I was nursing a wicked diet coke habit. I still crave them every day.
77. I love bright colors, but rarely wear them because I do not like to call attention to myself.
78. I was extremely uncomfortable at all of my baby showers. I hated being the center of attention.
79. I had Josh before I had a chance to have a baby shower.
80. I have 34 pairs of summer shoes, and only 5 pairs of fall/winter shoes.
81. Given my druthers, I would wear a dress every day.
82. I go through about 2 novels a week.
83. When I am reading a book, I get lost in the story.
84. I hate laundry, and have been known to go out and buy us new socks rather than try to find matches for all of them.
85. My mother was the June Cleaver of mothers. I am the anti-June.
86. I cannot go out of the house unless I match.
87. I want to be comfortable in my own skin.
88. I think my daughters are beautiful, and hope that they always feel that way.
89. My first dog was named Puddles.
90. We have four dogs now. Never again.
91. I love to sleep, but have an incredibly hard time doing so.
92. Sleep and food always have been struggles for me.
93. I have seen Jimmy Buffett, Journey, Rick Springfield, and Sha-na-na in concert.
94. I love buying clothes for, and dressing up my little girl. Probably a little too much.
95. Even though I know it is bad for me, I love love love a good tan. I love laying out. I have never used sunscreen. I have always put it on my kids, though.
96. I love to swim.
97. I am incredibly shy, and people often mistake it for being snobby. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
98. I always wanted to be a librarian...because I thought you could sit around and ready all day.
99. I love the movie Grease and can quote it word for word. I never realized how risque it was until I grew up.
100. I love Washington DC, but doubt I will ever get my husband to take me there.
101. I am glad that I finally hit 101!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My 100th Post!

The traditional 100th post is 100 things about the blogger...posted by the blogger herself. However, today was all about the kids, and this was too monumental a day to devote the post to moi. Tonight, as I post, my baby boy is at prom. Sigh. It was bittersweet today as we met Maranda and Maranda's family at the house where the limo was to pick them up. He was so handsome, but also so very very grown up.

Here he is, putting on Maranda's corsage.

And a picture of us compare to the last time he was in a tux, "our" wedding day. Please note that it was 90 degrees and I have already started to swell....arg. I think I look hideous, but I promised myself that I would take pictures and post pictures with my kids.

This house had a gazebo in the back--actually three levels of gazebo.

Aren't they just adorable?

"The group" right before they left for dinner at Two Urban Licks and prom at Georgia Tech. My goodness, this is not his mother's prom. Big limo with a driver that rolled out the red carpet, girls in dresses that made them look about 25, and not a bit of puff anwhere. In the olden days, it was all about how fat the bottom of your dress was!
And here is their parting shot. They had to sit in the back seat on the way there because they were last to get in. We took a picture of them right before the shut the door. This looks a bit too wedding-y to me (yikes!) but I'll admit it is a cute cute picture.

Sweet sweet Sarah watched Hannah so that Daryl and I could go see them and take pictures and then we had our first "date" in over a year. we just went out to eat and then to Toys R Us to buy birthday presents for Hannah, but still...we were alone!

Friday, April 24, 2009


It's been quite a week. In the classroom, my kids have been antsy and not wanting to learn. They are fighting like cats and dogs--so normal for this time of year, but still At home things have been hectic as well, as I try to fit about 8 hours of work per day into 5 hours. Then last night, the mother of all storms hit and along with lightning, thunder, and lots of hail came about a half inch of water...all over our bottom level. The fun just never ends. So is it any wonder that I am glad that it is Friday?

Not that the weekend will offer any rest, but it will offer a respite from the day to day wake up-go to school-teach all day-come home-cook dinner-do laundry-do schoolwork-go to bed routine. I only have 4 (five if you count Daryl) people to take care of instead of 20, and if they argue, I can send them to their rooms or leave the house for a while. We have lots to do--soccer pictures, soccer game, birthday parties, prom pictures. All I really want to do is stay home and ...get this...don't faint now...clean.

I feel lately like a repressed obsessive compulsive. I have this intense need to get everything in order...throw things away, deep clean, organize, tidy...and yet I cannot find the time or energy to do so. I guess that is how I differ from someone that is really obsessive about cleaning...they make the time and energy, and well...I don't. I envy and covet just a little bit of OCD. The ability and the will to pass by the computer, the couch, the book to reach for the sponge or make a trip to the laundry room. I wish I could spend an hour a night working on my house, but by the time I get Hannah to sleep, I am just too too tired. (although I did clean the tub last night at 10:30...but that was because Daryl sucked up all the water with the steam cleaner and then dumped it in the tub... and had I not cleaned it, I guarantee the dirt, grime, and yes...earthworms would still be in the bottom of the tub..but I digress)

I thought about making a list. Give each job a day. This is the advice I got from my sister in law once..."just make a schedule, do a little each day, and then on the weekend it won't be so bad." Great in theory...but what if...just what if, your almost three year old has a bad case of the "mommys" or you have to grade reading units to send home the next day or you have soccer practice and a fine arts patron's meeting? I know that I have not the diligence nor discipline to follow through. (Though I can do it for school things...go figure....maybe they should pay me????--just a thought)

I think back to when I stayed home when Maddy was born. I watched other people's kids during the day, but gosh my house was clean and organized. Now it could have been that we had so little because I kept having to sell things to be able to make ends meet (a big giant thank you to my ex-husband for that one), or that I was home all day. Since staying home is not an option if I want my children to continue to go to their school, and I'd rather not have Daryl turn into a negligent, pathological lying criminal, I guess I'll just deal with the messy house, the never ending pile of laundry, and the feeling of being on a treadmill I can never seem to get off.

Yet with many responsibilities, come many many blessings, and for my blessings, I am eternally grateful. Worth the frustration of mess and noise and constant going? You betcha. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I knew it...

It's a girl!!!!!!

I was disappointed for maybe 2 seconds, and am more than ready to start getting ready! Just wish I hadn't sold all of Hannah's clothes on e-bay...they would have come in handy.

Haven't told the kids yet...I wonder how they will react. Most of them really wanted a boy. And Daryl...he says he's too old for baseball anyways!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



I wish I had it, because right now she and the big kids are playing hide and seek...Hannah style. Which means she counts to "bla-teen" as in " twelve, thirteen, bla-teen." Then, she yells, "Where are you?" When it's her turn to hide, she hides in the exact same place or puts something in front of her face and says "Here I am!" as soon as they finish counting.

Hide and seek seems to be the game of choice today. We spent two hours in the doctor's office today...yes two hours. And she insisted that we play hide and the tiny exam room. And we did....17 times. Fun times.

Or I might take a picture of her taking her breathing treatment. She's been taking them for a week now, and as of today we have added an inhaled steroid for the next 3-4 weeks and an oral steroid. She's a trooper and sits nicely through it long as Caillou is on the TV and she is in my lap. And even more exciting is this...we get to get up at 2:30 in the morning to give her a treatment for the next 10 days. Oh...did I say "we?" I think I meant "me." I can't imagine Daryl getting up and doing it. As I times!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hannah's big girl bed...and other musings...

Sigh....I knew it was coming soon, but wasn't quite ready. But it's done now...Hannah officially has a big girl bed. I've been asking Daryl to convert her crib into a toddler bed for a few weeks. For those of you who know Daryl, Daryl-time and real time are two different things. I figured I had a good couple of least.

Leave the motivation to a horrendous smell and a sweet baby face. There has been a horrendous smell in Hannah's room for two weeks now. Last week, I steam cleaned the carpets and washed the baseboards, thinking it was what it smelled like--dog pee. (Yes, gross, I know) I febreezed everything after I was done with the carpets, and was satisfied that it was gone. Until I walked in about an hour later...only to smell it again. From then on, I have been a woman possessed, a woman on a mission. If I were later on in my pregnancy, I would think it were some sort of nesting (or who knows? maybe if your "nest" is as messy as ours, maybe it has to hit sooner?). And maybe, just maybe this is what it feels like to be OCD. I went to sleep thinking about how to get that smell out, thought about it at school, googled it. Today after church, I took everything out of her room, washed all the linens, washed the baseboards again, took every toy out of every toy bucket and washed and sanitized it. Threw things away that even remotely looked or smelled like it wasn't new and fresh.

And since everything was in the hallway, I figured that it was as good a time as any to get the bed set up. I asked...and was answered with a distracted "uh-huh." Hannah went in and said, "Daddy, you make my big girl bed? Decause (that isn't a typo--she says it like that) I am a big girl now." And what do you know? On went the tool belt and she has a big girl bed!!!! She loves it (for now...haven't asked her to sleep in it yet), and has spent most of the rest of the day in her room.

Here she is right after Daryl set it sheets or blankets or dust ruffle, as they were being washed.

And then later, when she told me to come take her picture in her big girl bed.

In other news, we have a big week ahead. Prom is Saturday. I can't wait to see my baby boy all dressed up in a tux. last time he was in it, he was walking me down the aisle to marry Daryl. We also have our big ultrasound on Thursday at 1:00. I called to make sure that everyone involved had the right date and right reason this time! I took my 3 hour glucose test on Friday, so we should get the results of that as well. I am nervous and excited for Thursday. Some days, like yesterday, I feel the baby moving all the time, and know that everything is fine. Other days, like today, I really don't feel the baby at all and am convinced that something is horribly wrong. (And of course it doesn't ever occur to me that hey...I haven't sat down all day long...when have you had the time to feel it move?--that would be too rational) Then this afternoon, after I had spent three hours moving furniture, vacuuming, running up and down the stairs to do laundry and wash toys and take certain toddlers to go "tee tee", the braxton hicks started, fast and furious. After an hour off of my feet and lots of water, they were gone, as I knew(hoped) they would, but it was a swift reminder that I needed to take it easy. It was, after all, frequent Braxton Hicks that got me in the hospital last time with pre-tterm labor and then on six weeks of bedrest. We CAN NOT do that again!
So here's to a great week--with lots of pictures and that I have found my camera!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pure sweetness...

I don't have a picture to go with this post, but I wanted to share it anyways. In a way, this is not only a way to keep my friends and family up to date with what has been happening in our lives, it is also a way to remember this time.

Hannah and I were doing puzzles of her very favorite things. We were doing the farm puzzle, and with each piece(most of which were animal mommas with their babies), she was telling me how happy the animal was because they had their mommy with them. When she got to the horse, it didn't have a mother and she got tears in her eyes and said, "Mommy, the horsie is sad because it lost its mommy." The she reached out her hand and said, "Hold onto my hand and we are going to jump into the puzzle and help the horsie find his mommy!" Be still my just melted!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break

So Spring Break is supposed to be all about relaxation....was supposed to be a time for me to recharge and renew. Ahhhh...the best laid plans of mice and men. While I had grand delusions of laying out in the sun, taking long walks, naps, books, time in the bathroom...ALONE, Hannah had different plans. While I had a more than willing and eager sitter, the "sittee" was just a little less so. Just like her daddy, it seems that Hannah likes her routine, her familiar surroundings, her whole family with her. So to go to a different house without her daddy was a little disconcerting to her. When she was a baby, a change in routine would almost guarantee an afternoon meltdown. Once I established a routine with her (by taking her to the baby sitter, by the way), she stopped crying so much and seemed much happier. So I guess that her behavior shouldn't have taken me by surprise. From the moment we got there til the moment we left, she pretty much wanted ONLY me, no matter where I was or what I was doing.

Despite this, though, we did have a good time. The big kids enjoyed time with Grandma and Grandpa and being at the lake. And to hear Hannah talk about it now, she had a grand old time too! Here are just a few highlights of our week:
Hannah and her "treasures" from a very windy walk on our first day there.

Hannah in the "too cute car" that my parents bought when Josh was a toddler.
And Josh trying to relive his glory days--he actually still rode in it until he was about 5--he doesn't quite fit anymore!

Even though it was too cold to swim outside, the girls went swimming every night in the inside pool.

And we took in a movie--Monsters vs Aliens--with Grandpa while Grandma had Bunko. This was Hannah's happiest moment in the movie. As soon as it started, she assumed the fetal position in sheer terror.

On Thursday, Daryl defended his dissertation and became officially, Dr. Stone. This morning I told him to just pretend he was getting ready to defend, since this is the suit he bought for the occasion. Daryl, ever the jokester, gives me his best "I'm not a doctor yet" face.

And here are my beautiful babies, all ready for church this Easter morning!

Hannah was the only one young enough to be able to participate in the church egg hunt, and she had such a good time!

So, spring break was not what I had expected, but really, it turned out even better. I didn't get much (or any, except for a two hour period when I took a nap and Hannah screamed upstairs) time alone. But I got to see my children enjoy their grandparents in a brand new, more grown up way (NO games of LIFE or Sorry sadly). And I did get some really amazing time with Hannah. Her nap time and bed time were special times for me as we shared a bed and we spent some sweet moments talking and cuddling.
And totally unrelated, but a cute picture....Hannah's one job around the house is to help set the table. When she set it tonight, this is what it looked like...a bottle of dressing/sauce at everyone's spot and I am not sure where the forks are! She was so proud!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy Saturday's soccer time! The Upwards soccer season officially started today. Maddy is on team Thunder, and while she was a little under the weather, she was excited to get ready and play some soccer! We got there at the right time only to find out that they were running a game behind, so we had lots of time to kill. Maddy had a great game and did a good job, but her team lost 3-1. I think she was so excited to be back on the field though, that she didn't really care. The picture quality stinks because it was so bright, I couldn't really see that well. But after what seems like two whole weeks of rain and gloom, I'll take a few bad pictures if it means that we get to see the sun!
Here she is right before the clock started.

Doing what she does best...playing defense. She got the award for best defense this week!
And Hannah, playing in the dirt, because you know she "has to make a hole!"

After soccer, the girls and I went out to lunch and then spent 3 hours shopping for Easter. Had to get all three girls Easter dresses, Easter shoes, sweaters in case it was chilly, and then all three girls needed tennis shoes and Sarah and Hannah needed bathing suits before we head to the lake. While I love to shop, it made me sick to my stomach to spend all that money...and we shopped cheap! None of the kids have summer clothes yet...I don't know how people do it!!!
But they will be beautiful, and everything they got, they really did need. I was just amazed at the people shopping who were buying amazing amounts of clothes for just one child--like $300-$400 dollars worth. And we are about to have to clothe four...for one season...and then they will grow out of them. I don't know what we would do (besides laugh and tell them to get a job) if our kids expected or demanded name brand, or designer clothes!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Incompetence Stinks...

(or why I will forever be embarrassed to go back to the car shop or the perinatologist again)

Those of you who know me also know that when it comes to speaking my mind, I am a woman of few words. Daryl may get an earful, my children occasionally, and give me a keyboard or pencil and I'll write about it til the cows come home. But to actually speak up when I am angry, hurt, upset by someone not close to me? Not my style. Until now, it appears.

Yesterday, we went to get Josh's car, which was supposed to be fixed, that they called and said would be fixed, that we just paid thousands of dollars and six weeks of our time to get fixed. So we get to the car place and lo and is not ready. And they don't even have the part to fix it. And what is it that needs to be fixed???? The same little bearing that they fixed in the first place. The scene? Not pretty, but not too ugly either. I thought I kept my cool pretty well, but Josh would report otherwise.

Fast forward to today...our BIG ultrasound, by the specialists, the people who specialize in this. I go to sign in...and they don't have me down for an ultrasound, only a blood draw. The oh so polite (not) receptionist (who I had to wait for her to get off the phone with someone she called "hon" for her to talk to me) informs me that my appointment is on the 8th. So I explain to her that the person on the phone who called me to tell me about my appointment said nothing about an appointment on the 8th. Then the doctor comes and explains to me that I had to be 18 weeks to have the ultrasound, and that there was no way that they could do it today, but I would have to wait until the 8th.

OK....#1. Even if someone HAD called me to tell me about the appointment on the 8th, I STILL wouldn't have been 18 weeks.
#2. Daryl will be in VA defending his dissertation on the 8th, so even if they HAD called me about the appointment, we couldn't have done it.
#3. NO ONE CALLED AND TOLD ME ABOUT THE APPOINTMENT! I took off a morning of work, Daryl took off the morning,and we had to borrow a car so that Josh could get the girls to school so we could both come to the appointment.
Needless to say, I did not keep my cool...and threw a pregnant crazy hormonal lady temper tantrum right there in the office....tears (lots of them) and all. I was disappointed, so tired, still not feeling well, and just plain mad. Finally, Daryl had to tell me to sit down and he dealt with the rescheduling. not one of my finest moments...and one which I am definitely not proud of. That kind of lunacy is usually (and sadly) reserved for my family!

I am fine now...and know it is for a reason. And I really didn't want to have the ultrasound if it was too was just the freakin' principle of the thing.
On a happier and much cuter's two of my favorite people in the world playing "tea party." We thought we had hidden it well, but over the last few weeks she has found all of the things that we thought we had hidden for a while: the play-doh, the paint, the tea party.