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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pictureless Birthday...

No, not because I didn't take them...but because the cord that lets me load the pictures on the computer is defunct and so I can't load them to post them. However, if I were able to post them, you'd get the following snapshot of her big day:

5:15 The birthday girl wakes up with a 103 temperature, screaming her throat hurts.

6:00 the birthday girl coughs so hard she throws up

6:00-12:00 The birthday girl lays on her weary momma and watches TV or looks at her presents--one of them unwrapped--her new kitchen

12:00-1:00 The birthday girl gets in the car and miraculously, on the way to the doctor, recovers enough to jump into the doctor's office

1:30 The birthday girl sees the doctor, does her deep breathing (now that she is 3--refused to do it before), gets a breathing treatment

2:00 She then heads over to Henry General for chest x-rays (Daddy meets us there since they won't let me go back with her)

3:30 head home, with no pneumonia, but an antibiotic, to have dinner and presents with the family and Maranda.

5:30 Eats two hot dogs and one bite of mac and cheese, declares her cake yucky, and opens presents. Loves, loves, loves her Dora tent with the attached tunnel.

8:30 Goes to sleep with only a mild fever

10:30 wakes up to get treatment, starts babbling and hallucinating. I take her temp, 104.8. Gets pumped full of Motrin, and I lay on her floor while she moans and groans and talks in her sleep.

12:00 I take her temp again. Still 104.8. Give her tylenol, strip her, place wet rags on her. pray.

1:49 Finally goes to sleep without babbling and moaning.
Is awoken at 3:30 for more treatment. Seems cool. I am thrilled.

5:15 Declares it is not her birthday anymore before screaming and getting more motrin because her temp is back up to 102.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl! I love you and hope and pray that you are feeling better soon!!!!!!

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