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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Incompetence Stinks...

(or why I will forever be embarrassed to go back to the car shop or the perinatologist again)

Those of you who know me also know that when it comes to speaking my mind, I am a woman of few words. Daryl may get an earful, my children occasionally, and give me a keyboard or pencil and I'll write about it til the cows come home. But to actually speak up when I am angry, hurt, upset by someone not close to me? Not my style. Until now, it appears.

Yesterday, we went to get Josh's car, which was supposed to be fixed, that they called and said would be fixed, that we just paid thousands of dollars and six weeks of our time to get fixed. So we get to the car place and lo and is not ready. And they don't even have the part to fix it. And what is it that needs to be fixed???? The same little bearing that they fixed in the first place. The scene? Not pretty, but not too ugly either. I thought I kept my cool pretty well, but Josh would report otherwise.

Fast forward to today...our BIG ultrasound, by the specialists, the people who specialize in this. I go to sign in...and they don't have me down for an ultrasound, only a blood draw. The oh so polite (not) receptionist (who I had to wait for her to get off the phone with someone she called "hon" for her to talk to me) informs me that my appointment is on the 8th. So I explain to her that the person on the phone who called me to tell me about my appointment said nothing about an appointment on the 8th. Then the doctor comes and explains to me that I had to be 18 weeks to have the ultrasound, and that there was no way that they could do it today, but I would have to wait until the 8th.

OK....#1. Even if someone HAD called me to tell me about the appointment on the 8th, I STILL wouldn't have been 18 weeks.
#2. Daryl will be in VA defending his dissertation on the 8th, so even if they HAD called me about the appointment, we couldn't have done it.
#3. NO ONE CALLED AND TOLD ME ABOUT THE APPOINTMENT! I took off a morning of work, Daryl took off the morning,and we had to borrow a car so that Josh could get the girls to school so we could both come to the appointment.
Needless to say, I did not keep my cool...and threw a pregnant crazy hormonal lady temper tantrum right there in the office....tears (lots of them) and all. I was disappointed, so tired, still not feeling well, and just plain mad. Finally, Daryl had to tell me to sit down and he dealt with the rescheduling. not one of my finest moments...and one which I am definitely not proud of. That kind of lunacy is usually (and sadly) reserved for my family!

I am fine now...and know it is for a reason. And I really didn't want to have the ultrasound if it was too was just the freakin' principle of the thing.
On a happier and much cuter's two of my favorite people in the world playing "tea party." We thought we had hidden it well, but over the last few weeks she has found all of the things that we thought we had hidden for a while: the play-doh, the paint, the tea party.

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  1. i can only imagine how bummed/upset/angry/tired yesterday made you feel. pregnancy hormones can make us do some crazy things, huh?? i was on pins and needles thinking about you guys yesterday morn, called nanny and she had no news.

    love the tea party pics. daryl looks so danty with his little pinky up and all.