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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break

So Spring Break is supposed to be all about relaxation....was supposed to be a time for me to recharge and renew. Ahhhh...the best laid plans of mice and men. While I had grand delusions of laying out in the sun, taking long walks, naps, books, time in the bathroom...ALONE, Hannah had different plans. While I had a more than willing and eager sitter, the "sittee" was just a little less so. Just like her daddy, it seems that Hannah likes her routine, her familiar surroundings, her whole family with her. So to go to a different house without her daddy was a little disconcerting to her. When she was a baby, a change in routine would almost guarantee an afternoon meltdown. Once I established a routine with her (by taking her to the baby sitter, by the way), she stopped crying so much and seemed much happier. So I guess that her behavior shouldn't have taken me by surprise. From the moment we got there til the moment we left, she pretty much wanted ONLY me, no matter where I was or what I was doing.

Despite this, though, we did have a good time. The big kids enjoyed time with Grandma and Grandpa and being at the lake. And to hear Hannah talk about it now, she had a grand old time too! Here are just a few highlights of our week:
Hannah and her "treasures" from a very windy walk on our first day there.

Hannah in the "too cute car" that my parents bought when Josh was a toddler.
And Josh trying to relive his glory days--he actually still rode in it until he was about 5--he doesn't quite fit anymore!

Even though it was too cold to swim outside, the girls went swimming every night in the inside pool.

And we took in a movie--Monsters vs Aliens--with Grandpa while Grandma had Bunko. This was Hannah's happiest moment in the movie. As soon as it started, she assumed the fetal position in sheer terror.

On Thursday, Daryl defended his dissertation and became officially, Dr. Stone. This morning I told him to just pretend he was getting ready to defend, since this is the suit he bought for the occasion. Daryl, ever the jokester, gives me his best "I'm not a doctor yet" face.

And here are my beautiful babies, all ready for church this Easter morning!

Hannah was the only one young enough to be able to participate in the church egg hunt, and she had such a good time!

So, spring break was not what I had expected, but really, it turned out even better. I didn't get much (or any, except for a two hour period when I took a nap and Hannah screamed upstairs) time alone. But I got to see my children enjoy their grandparents in a brand new, more grown up way (NO games of LIFE or Sorry sadly). And I did get some really amazing time with Hannah. Her nap time and bed time were special times for me as we shared a bed and we spent some sweet moments talking and cuddling.
And totally unrelated, but a cute picture....Hannah's one job around the house is to help set the table. When she set it tonight, this is what it looked like...a bottle of dressing/sauce at everyone's spot and I am not sure where the forks are! She was so proud!

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  1. glad you got some sweet cuddle time with hannah.

    congrats to dr. stone. wow!

    who needs forks anyway??? maybe she was looking for the chopsticks?