As you come to him, the living Stone--rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him--you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2: 4-5

Friday, April 24, 2009


It's been quite a week. In the classroom, my kids have been antsy and not wanting to learn. They are fighting like cats and dogs--so normal for this time of year, but still At home things have been hectic as well, as I try to fit about 8 hours of work per day into 5 hours. Then last night, the mother of all storms hit and along with lightning, thunder, and lots of hail came about a half inch of water...all over our bottom level. The fun just never ends. So is it any wonder that I am glad that it is Friday?

Not that the weekend will offer any rest, but it will offer a respite from the day to day wake up-go to school-teach all day-come home-cook dinner-do laundry-do schoolwork-go to bed routine. I only have 4 (five if you count Daryl) people to take care of instead of 20, and if they argue, I can send them to their rooms or leave the house for a while. We have lots to do--soccer pictures, soccer game, birthday parties, prom pictures. All I really want to do is stay home and ...get this...don't faint now...clean.

I feel lately like a repressed obsessive compulsive. I have this intense need to get everything in order...throw things away, deep clean, organize, tidy...and yet I cannot find the time or energy to do so. I guess that is how I differ from someone that is really obsessive about cleaning...they make the time and energy, and well...I don't. I envy and covet just a little bit of OCD. The ability and the will to pass by the computer, the couch, the book to reach for the sponge or make a trip to the laundry room. I wish I could spend an hour a night working on my house, but by the time I get Hannah to sleep, I am just too too tired. (although I did clean the tub last night at 10:30...but that was because Daryl sucked up all the water with the steam cleaner and then dumped it in the tub... and had I not cleaned it, I guarantee the dirt, grime, and yes...earthworms would still be in the bottom of the tub..but I digress)

I thought about making a list. Give each job a day. This is the advice I got from my sister in law once..."just make a schedule, do a little each day, and then on the weekend it won't be so bad." Great in theory...but what if...just what if, your almost three year old has a bad case of the "mommys" or you have to grade reading units to send home the next day or you have soccer practice and a fine arts patron's meeting? I know that I have not the diligence nor discipline to follow through. (Though I can do it for school things...go figure....maybe they should pay me????--just a thought)

I think back to when I stayed home when Maddy was born. I watched other people's kids during the day, but gosh my house was clean and organized. Now it could have been that we had so little because I kept having to sell things to be able to make ends meet (a big giant thank you to my ex-husband for that one), or that I was home all day. Since staying home is not an option if I want my children to continue to go to their school, and I'd rather not have Daryl turn into a negligent, pathological lying criminal, I guess I'll just deal with the messy house, the never ending pile of laundry, and the feeling of being on a treadmill I can never seem to get off.

Yet with many responsibilities, come many many blessings, and for my blessings, I am eternally grateful. Worth the frustration of mess and noise and constant going? You betcha. :)

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