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Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas....Kindergarten Christmas!

Christmas in the elementary school....there's nothing like it.  The kids are excited, Christmas music fills the air, everyone's fingers are sticky from the myriad of Christmas crafts.  The kids are excited, the teachers are tired, and both can't wait until the last day before break!

This week also meant, for us, lots of activities for Hannah in kindergarten.
First up was the kindergarten and preschool Christmas program, "Love Came Down."
Here's Hannah in my room before the program.
 Coppin' a "tude"
 on the risers before the program.  During the program, I was too smitten with the cuteness of my daughter and the pure sweetness of 3-5 year olds singing about baby Jesus that I forgot to take pictures.
 With Grandma and Grandpa after the program
 With Daddy and Nanny
 And with Maddy.  She didn't have an exam, so she got to come too!
 Later in the week, it was time to party!!!
Here is Hannah and her friend Jacob in the super cute sweatshirts that they made!
 The impromptu Christmas concert started by none other than my daughter!
 Jesus Bingo.  Oh, goodness.
Hannah, after she didn't win the first game.
 or the second...
 or the last...
 It's so hard to lose when you're five!
 Then there was the book swap.
 so excited!!!!
 Reason #123 why I don't teach kindergarten.
Notice the boys rolling around on the floor amidst all of the chaos!
 Merry Christmas from Mrs. Farr's Kindergarten class!

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  1. how cute! I love Christmas through children's eyes.

    And those sweatshirts are SUCH a cool idea! I'll have to keep that in mind :)