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Monday, December 5, 2011

Let Christmas Begin!

Since Josh was home from college for the long weekend, we thought we would get a head start on our Christmas decorating and go ahead and put our tree up.  This is a first for our family.  Usually, we hem and haw and procrastinate until we find a short window one weekend night to put it up, and for the first week or two after Thanksgiving, I am remorseful over our lack of holiday spirit.  I think, though, that because Josh isn't home regularly, Daryl decided to take advantage of the time he is home.  That, in itself, is a gift.

181.  Putting up the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.
182.  The Christmas tree smell
183.  Watching my boys work together to get the tree up.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care....
Which one of these is not like the others?
(excuse my mix of Sesame Street with Twas the Night before Christmas...)

ah yes,...the stockings.  Josh's was completed a good month or two before he was born.  Sarah's was completed by the Christmas before she was born (New Year's Eve)  Maddy's?  In time for her first Christmas.  Hannah's was done just in time for Christmas.  And Charlotte's?  Well, let's just say that hers is a work in progress!

Charlotte loved going through all the ornaments
 Each one of them has a special meaning, and Daryl told her all about it.  So sweet.
 The big kids worked together to put up the lights.
 Maddy and her ornament from Grandma from last year.

Breakfast with Santa

Here, you see Santa....

and here are my girls eating breakfast....NOT with Santa.
Because they were scared.  No really.  Scared.  Like, scream hysterically and hide behind my legs while chanting "carry you, carry you, mommy" scared 
 However, I was the official photographer for the event (I know, I'm laughing at that one too!) so they had to come out of the nursery.  Hannah soon warmed up to Santa once she realized that it was really just Mr. Bernie.

 Charlotte, perhaps worn down by her two solid hours of crying and clinging, finally decides to take a look....of course, after I have changed her out of her new dress from Kay Kay
 And this is what we got.  Probably would have been a better picture, but I had packed up the camera after the last of the children left.  But it's something.....right?
Next on the holiday list?
Spivey and the church play...
Stay tuned for more pictures!

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