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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Of Pre-school and College...

How many of us are lucky enough to experience both at the same time??? It's wonderful, and stressful, and most certainly this week, emotional.

Hannah LOVES pre-school and adores her teacher. She is up and going in the morning and actually cries when I come to get her in the afternoons. I love peeking in on her when she doesn't know it and watch her delighting in learning while she sits on her carpet square or as she plays with her little friends. I love hearing the little nuggets of wisdom that she passes on to us each night. "Do you know why I love Jesus, Mommy? Because He first loved me!" "The bell means that we stand and put our hands on our heart and look at the flag with the stars on it." "It is not good manners to chew when people can see in your mouth." I Love opening her folder and seeing her sweet papers that she has worked so hard on. What I do not love is going to pick up my children from music, and as I pass the computer lab, peeking in to see Hannah crying hysterically, refusing to play on the computer.

Yes, that's right. My child is scared of the computer lab. I don't know why this surprises me, since she is scared of the credits of movies, but it did. I don't know if it is the headphones or the fact she didn't know how to use the mouse (so I feel like a geezer, but I would have never thought she would have been the ONLY person in her K4 class that didn't know how to do so!), but she is terrified of it and cries the entire time. This morning she woke up, tired from not enough sleep, and one of the first things she mentioned was how she didn't want to go to computer. I thought she would get over it, but she didn't and eventually the teacher took her into her room by herself and showed her how to use the mouse and Hannah was as happy as a proverbial clam. The teacher believes that this will lead to Hannah loving the computer lab next week. Hannah believes that she will be able to spend every computer time in her classroom with her beloved teacher. She doesn't care if she ever gets a Polly Pocket again, she is never going back to the computer lab again. Sigh. I have that kid.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Josh. Who just a blink of an eye ago was in K4, dressing up in a paper bag vest as an Indian in the Thanksgiving play. Tracing his name in sand. Painting and playing with play-doh. Setting up bug exhibitions in the garage. And tonight, for the first time in a long time, we gathered around the table for our last family dinner before he leaves on Thursday for college. OK, so it's just Clayton State. And I can walk there. In less than 10 minutes. And he will be home again. But it just isn't going to be the same. I'll only have four kids to wake up on Sunday mornings. Only four kids to grocery shop for. One less "hamburger plain, large fry, and large coke" at the drive through at McDonald's. am I being dramatic? yeah...I am. Where do you think Hannah and Maddy got it from???? But man...this is hitting me hard. So hard, that in the midst of a great family dinner, I just burst into tears that went on for nearly an hour. I pulled myself together only to find a sweet card with an even sweeter message inside from my sweet boy.

I will be a blubbering, blithering fool by Thursday!

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