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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hannah's First Christmas Concert

Every single Christmas season, usually on the last day of school, I've taken my class to see the ELCA preschool Christmas program. The first 4 years, I yearned--ached even--to have a little one to watch. The last 4 years, I dreamed of what it would be like for Hannah to be up on that stage, singing her heart out for Jesus. This year, she got her chance, and it didn't disappoint. It was every bit as precious as always!

Here's Hannah and her buddy, Joshua B. while they were waiting to go on stage.

Walking to the stage
patiently waiting....(what, patiently? Hannah?)
Singing--you really can't see her, but she is the one wearing the blue sweatshirt on the top row on the right.
Afterward, they had a reception/breakfast. Grandma and Grandpa had driven down to see the program, as had Nanny and PawPaw.
Hannah and Grandpa
and with Nanny and PawPaw

With proud mommy and daddy!

The most memorable part of the program wasn't the program at all, though. It was the pre-show that happened the night before in our living room. I would have gotten out the camera if I hadn't thought it would totally inhibit her performance. She put on her own little performance, singing and reciting the poems and shaking her booty at us (which, by the way, was not part of the program!) Some highlights from the pre-show include the following:
"Mommy, I was so excited to practice that I needed to pee a little!"
Hannah: "Mommy, did that break your heart?"
Me: "No, Hannah, it melted my heart!"
Hannah: Don't thank me. Thank Mrs. Hunt. She teached me all these great songs to sing to you so next time I do something bad you might not be so mad at me."
"Christmas isn't about getting, it's about giving. And it's about your heart. Having Jesus in your heart. Even if you never got one present, Christmas would be great, because it is about Jesus!"
Love it!

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