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Sunday, December 5, 2010

I DID IT!!!!

Almost one year late, but I did it! This is officially (and unofficially, too, I suppose) my 365th post! My original goal was to post once a day for an entire year. And since I failed miserably, I choose to celebrate today. Hooray! (OK, so that was a let down. Anticlimactic even)

So on to more exciting things....we finally decorated for Christmas!!!!
And I had documented the whole thing, from beginning to end, with pictures. And then. Sigh.
The camera cord wasn't working right and only downloaded half of the pictures...but erased them ALL off of my camera. So here's what we got.
Our stockings. In this picture, you notice that Hannah and Charlotte still have store bought stockings. I am proud to say that this is ONLY because Nanny hadn't finished sewing Hannah's cross-stitched stocking together yet. I had an amended picture, but it was one of the erased. Still pretty, though, I think.

Poor Maddy. She had strep throat and was miserable. She made it downstairs to watch us decorate, and put an ornament on the tree, but that's about it.
Hannah and Char with Maranda....our third year decorating with Maranda.



And I'm afraid that's it. The "after" has been obliterated forever.
Along with the oh so cute pictures of Charlotte and Hannah in their new dresses and dapper new coats (Thank you Aunt Patricia and Kay Kay!)

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