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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homecoming, ELCA style

As if the full moon, dress as Romanians Friday wasn't "fun" enough, we had a fun-filled week the next week with Homecoming at Eagle's Landing Christian Academy...the week before Halloween. Now, I know that children at public school wear all sorts of different clothing to school and manage just fine. But take an ELCA student out of their uniform, and chaos ensues. I don't know about my own personal children and how they behaved (or didn't) in school this week, but I do know that I had absolutely no expectations for my first graders and boy, they did not disappoint! I don't have any pictures of them, but I do have some of my loves.

Decade Day
The elementary school did 50's, the middle school did 70's, and sophomores had 50's too.
Wednesday was senior citizen day for the elementary and middle school, and it was little kid day for the high school. Hannah didn't dress as anything, simply because I had no idea how to dress a 4 year old without spending money, time, and energy---all of which I was running low on.
Thursday was Career Day. Sarah was a photographer. She borrowned some wardrobe items and camera from our youth pastor's wife and photographer extraordinaire, Kelly Lewis, and then took pictures of people throughout her day. Maddy, having to become innovative after I refused to take them to Party City this year, was a rapper. (Lest you think me a mean mom, every year during homecoming, the girls beg for costumes and so we go to Party City which is a zoo, where they find the perfect costume and promise that they will wear it for Halloween. Then Halloween comes and it is either lost, broken, not cool enough, etc.) Hannah was a ballet dancer, but those pictures came out fuzzy.

And Friday, lovely Friday, was blue and gold day. I thought that finally my classroom would return to some sort of normal, since the students can wear blue jeans and ELCA t-shirts every Friday, but I didn't account for yellow wigs, blue spray painted hair, and faces painted blue and gold. Here's my Charger.

Praise the Lord that Homecoming Week is over! Now on to Monday and dealing with the Halloween sugar high!

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