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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hannah's Special Day

For once, it really was all about Hannah, as she had a special Mommy and Hannah day.  Usually she exists in that world that most children do, the one in which the world does totally revolve around themselves.  But on Friday, it really did.  Charlotte got to go to Kay Kay's for her weekly visit, the girls had cheer camp, and Josh and Daryl were off working.  Seeing as I was left with only Hannah, and Hannah had been having a bad case of jealousy when Charlotte was sick, I decided to make a day of it with her.

We came home from dropping off all the other girls, she took a bath and I took a shower, and we had some mother-daughter bonding time as we folded laundry. :)  Then we went to "Walmark."  Oh how I hate "Walmark."  I can never find anything and there are always about 3 cashiers open (out of 27 lanes, mind you) and half the population of the greater Lake City area are in them.  They also don't let me use my debit card because it doesn't have my name on it, which six years ago in the 7th month of my pregnancy with Hannah sent me into a hormonal tantrum(complete with throwing myself dramatically across the bed and sobbing) of which I obviously have not yet recovered.  But we needed (wanted) food and dishes for Hannah's kitchen that they have been unable to play with for the last two years, and they were the cheapest (and I had a gift card).

Then we headed to I-Hop for lunch.  I had another gift card, and only the best for my girl.  There she enjoyed macaroni and cheese and "chewy" bacon, all while insisting to stare at the little girl across the aisle, saying, "I'm not staring, Mom.  I'm looking at her because she likes me!"

As soon as we were done, she couldn't wait to get home to play kitchen. "And Mommy, you have to play with me because it's my day."

(I had all sorts of cute pictures of her serving her Daddy and her sister, but as I may have mentioned before, the auto focus on my camera is broken, and I guess I must be due for an optometrist appointment, because they were all blurry)

After she tired of "kitchen," we got her blanket and pillow, snuggled up on the couch with popcorn and cake, and watched her new Barbie movie, Swan Lake. She even had me take her shoes off for her ("because it is my day after all"  no joke)
I was not allowed to even open my computer, but enjoyed watching Odette and Daniel and enjoyed a steady stream of comments and questions throughout the movie.

After dinner, when I made her take the dishes to the sink, she said under her breath, "Well, I guess it's not my day anymore."

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  1. Love the attitude - she and Lucas would make a fearsome pair!