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Monday, June 27, 2011

Super Swimmer!

Last week, Hannah had her very first swim lessons.  Every day, for a week, we went to my friend Valerie's house and met with Ms. Peggy  for her swim lessons.  Then on Friday, she had a show off session to show everyone what she had learned.

Here's Hannah on her way to Macey's with her too cool "Minute to Win It" toy from her Wendy's kid's meal.  I especially like the way it coordinates so well with her suit.
 Blowing bubbles.
 Jumping in the deep end.  I really thought I would never see her do this.  The first time she had to jump in (in the shallow end where she could touch) she stood there for five minutes saying "But I don't waaaaannnt to." To get the full effect, you must say that in your best whiney voice.
 Floating--her arms are out like that because if she didn't, she had a death grip on Ms. Peggy.
 Charlotte sat around being cute...
 and cuddling with Daddy.
 After they were done showing off, Ms. Peggy had a surprise for them.

 Swimming was such a big hit that Daryl decided that we needed a pool in our backyard.  But until he gets to that part of  "the list," we made do with this.

Now we're ready to go back to Aunt Patricia's to swim, and definitely ready for Grandma's next week!

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  1. How fun! And what a big girl! I know she's looking forward to going swimming everywhere now :)

    (And I don't remember getting cake when I learned how to swim...I think I'll call my parents up and complain! )