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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Top Five Reasons You Might Have a Slight Obsession with Coupons

1.  Extreme Couponing Marathon  Yes, a few weeks ago, there was a twelve hour marathon of TLC's show Extreme Couponing.  I may or may not have watched the entire season, mouth agape and mind racing.

2.After a few words from your husband ("We could totally do that."--yes, sadly, that's all it took), you go out and buy a binder and baseball card collecting pages, and even a brand spankin' new pair of scissors.  This makes you giddy.

3.  In only a few hours, you have your coupon notebook set up and despite your ability to even remotely organize anything else in your house/classroom/life, it is meticulously organized and stays that way.

4.  The opening of a new grocery store and their 10 for $10 prices make you giddy.  And, when upon going to this store and finding turkey bacon on sale, and with your coupon, you only have to pay $.35 for it, you must buy three. You are truly excited about this and when you show your kids, they point out the obvious. "But we don't even eat bacon, Mom." and you hear these words come out of your mouth, "But I only paid 1/10 of the usual retail price!  $.35 cents!"

5.  After your weekly Weight Watchers meeting, you decide to take a few more moments for yourself and stop by a few places just to check out the sales, and to take advantage of your coupon stacking.  You return home 4 hours later and your girls smile at each other, shake their heads, and say, "Mom, you're one of them."  And you consider it a compliment.


  1. Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with couponing :) If I were you, I'd go check out (if you haven't already!) because she matches up some of the BEST deals :)

  2. 4 hours later????? Wow! My hairdresser has started this up and that's all she can talk about now. It's an improvement over constant guinea pig talk, though. Let us know how much you save - maybe you should take pics of your receipts to post!

  3. WOW! I should take up this hobby of SAVING money rather and spending it. I love shopping for clothes for the boys - BUT groceries, eh, not so much! I agree with your sister, maybe you should start taking pictures of everything you get, how much you spent and how much you actually saved! That would be great! You could also give us a small lesson on how to coupon.