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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July at the Lake

We're at the lake visiting my parents on our summer vacation. At the moment, my great sleeper, Charlotte, is downstairs screaming hysterically because she doesn't want to take a nap.  She's done a great job for the last three days napping and sleeping here, but right before she went down, Hannah had a screaming tantrum about not wanting to go shopping with the girls, but still wanting a toy.  She kept coming in to the bedroom to beg me to change my mind about the whole thing, and then Sarah came in after her, and that was all she wrote for Char. day.  So, while I am trying to refrain from going to get her, I thought I'd blog about much happier times at the lake.

Summer at the lake means breakfast at the "bar."  Oh how these girls love this.

 It means swimming in the pool.  They have two different pools in their development, one with a water slide, and I hope before this trip is over to get a picture of Hannah actually going down the water slide.
But for now...Hannah and Maddy...friends for now.
 Four words:  stay on Weight Watchers!  Ugh.  Sad part?  I just hit 25 pounds gone and I still look like this!
 Hannah shows us she remembers how to swim!
Sitting with Daddy during adult swim.  When it comes to the sun, my husband and I are polar opposites.  He slathered himself to go and sit in the shade.  SPF4 for me!
Maddy gets creative with the dominoes.
We went to se fireworks at the Ritz by boat on the 3rd instead of the 4th.  Last year was Hannah's first time she actually watched fireworks instead of burying her head in Daryl's shoulder.  Since Charlotte doesn't have a lot of fears, we thought we would try it this year.
Getting ready...
and getting there.
Once we got there, of course, the camera battery died, so I haven't any pictures of the fireworks or the kids watching them.  Hannah loved them, but kept her hands over her ears. To be as loud as she is, she sure does hate loud noises. Charlotte, on the other hand, stared with wonder at the first five or so and then spent the rest of the show like this.
Josh cacme yesterday morning, so we had some fun as a family...
swimming in the lake
and setting off fireworks and playing with sparklers.
Mission accomplished.  Crying has subsided, for now.  Charlotte - 2,485;  Mommy - 1.


  1. sounds like lots of fun times (well, ok, aside from the crying!!) ... :)
    Miriam liked the fireworks & kept saying "Twinkle! Twinkle! Star!" ... of course, we were SO FAR AWAY from the actual fireworks, she could only see them in the distance :)

  2. Even without the nap, it still looks like you're having a great time!

  3. It looks like y'all are having a GREAT time, but with Reese's cereal for breakfast, who wouldn't be? Being pregnant and seeing that box of cereal is dangerous!

    And I think you look GREAT! I look like the good year the past three weeks I've gained almost 10lbs because of all of the extra fluid :( At least the doctor keeps assuring me it's all fluid! Hopefully he's right. If he's wrong, I'll be joining you on WW after this baby gets here :)

  4. it looks like everyone had a blast. we had a great time with sparklers as well.