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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Makes Me Happy Wednesday

How better to jump back into blogging that with a giant pair of red satin panties, huh?  For the last two weeks, I've had to deal with too many things that I would have just rather not have.  It's in my nature to run, and run fast, from conflict and pain.  But that's not really been an option, so I've had to put on my big girl panties and just deal.  Tears, fears, and little sleep do not a good blogger make.
 But, since I've felt all doom and gloom for the last couple of weeks, I thought a post focusing instead on my blessings was in order (plus there wasn't another way to tie in all these pictures).  So it's Wednesday, and now to what makes me happy....

1.  Maddy's finally home!  OK, so she is not home in this picture, but all of the pictures that I have taken of her lately have been blurry (did I mention I still haven't been to the eye doctor?)  Maddy's been a traveling girl this summer, going here and there and to the beach and to the beach again.  But finally, she is home for good!
 2.  Charlotte and her impersonation from the movie, Parenthood. (If you are too young to know what I am talking about, there are two siblings.  The sister drills her toddler with flashcards and classical music.  The brother?  His son goes around with a box on his head, bumping into walls.)  How proud are we?
 3.  Sisters who take care of each other.  We got home from the lake and Charlotte promptly got strep throat.  She felt a little puny for a while, but Hannah got her all set up in her bed and let her "rest," which in Hannah-speak means, "lie in my bed and let me pile stuffed animals on top of you."
 The next day she was feeling a little better, so Hannah thought she was ready for a step up, the rubbermaid drawer bed.
 4.  Vacation Bible School.  Our church did Pandamania this year, and this was Hannah's first year as a participant.  Here she is before VBS--hair done, shirt on, not quite sure if she wants to go.
And after.  She LOVED it. 
 So proud of my big girls, who were helpers for the little kids.
 Hannah especially liked the Praise and Worship time of the night.  For a week after it was over, she led us in singing
 jumping for joy for Jesus,

 and prayer.
 5.  New bikes.  Sarah has been saving all summer for a new bicycle, and now that summer is essentially over, she had enough money to buy it.  I hadn't been on a bike in close to 25 years, but I did take a spin around the neighborhood.  Oh how times have changed.  I remember riding my bike, streamers flying, feet on the handlebars, wind through my braids, loving the feeling of "flying."  This time?  The whole time I was thinking, "It's a long way down if I fall.  I would really hurt myself."  Sigh...I'm old!
 6.  Toy catalogs.  I don't particularly like them as much as I love watching the little girls with them.  Hannah of course, wants everything.  Charlotte, her little mimic, walks around showing everyone who will listen that there are babies in her book.  Love love love her.
7.  That man in the picture above.  He is the voice of reason (most of the time) and my rock.  Plus he's the hardest working man I know.  This week, he is working at the school where he teaches in the morning, teaching a math camp at the college in the afternoon, rushing home to change and do electrical work in the evening, and then teaching a class at the college at night.  And he does it all for us.  Oh how I am blessed.

8.  I got to get back in my classroom today.  I've loved being home for the summer and being able to spend so much time with the kids, but I am a school geek at heart.  Something about setting up a brand new classroom and the hope of a new year to come that is exciting and soothing at the same time.

9.  Compliments! I've been at this weight loss thing for what seems like forever now, and today I got my first real compliment, from a former parent, who told me, "You're half of you!"  Of course, it was followed by, "You always do this.  You lose so much weight and then get pregnant.  Is it that time again?"
Um...........NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thank you. :) 

I hope you have lots to make you happy this Wednesday!


  1. Lisa, when does school start for the kids? We can't get back in our classrooms until the 1st :(

  2. Awww great updates! Love the pictures of the kids like always. The bucket head picture is too funny. Way to go on your weight loss!!

  3. Good luck with the conflict part - I'm an avoider too, so I can identify. Love the bike, but here's a tip. Don't let anybody walk a dog while riding the bike (not that that would even occur to a kid). I did that in my bike-riding phase until he yanked on his leash and I nearly went over the handlebars. You're right - it's a long way down and we're too old for it!