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Friday, July 29, 2011

Our week in review

It started with the "chicken pops."
 On Wednesday night, we broke out Just Dance 2--seriously the best $100 we ever spent.  So so so much fun.  I have a friend who got it and then has posted videos of herself on the internet.  Obviously she is my braver, more coordinated friend with more rhythm.

 It was a nice bit of fun in the middle of a very busy, very stressful week.  And a nice way to spend an evening together before the loooongest day ever- Back to School Day at ELCA.  It was meet the teacher, all school worship service, picnic on the grounds, ELCA sports preview--and all of this was preceded by a mad dash to get everything ready in our rooms after three straight infuriating days of meetings.
Here's me being a geek and taking a picture of myself before meet the teacher, just to make sure.  I can't tell you how many times I think I really look nice only to find out later that I had my sweater on inside out, or my slip was showing, or I had "embarrassingly high 80's hair.
 One of the only down sides to having my children in the same school where I teach is that I don't get the chance to take Hannah to see her classroom or the first day of school.  Maddy took her for me, and Sarah will take her on Monday.
Here she is with her teacher (and my weight watcher buddy) Mrs. Farr.
 And with Ms. Sandi, Mrs. Farr's aide.
 She wasn't too sure about going to kindergarten.  She absolutely fell in love with school in K4, and wanted to go back to Ms. Colleen's class.
By today, she was a little more excited, and even wrote out a list of snacks she wants to take to school next week.
 The uniforms are ready.
 Sock and hairbows are ready and easily accessible. (Yes, be impressed with my organizational skills)
 She was so excited (doesn't she look excited?) that she wrote a song about going to kindergarten.
Looking forward to one last weekend of freedom before the madness begins!


  1. Oh I hope she loves it and does great. And love the chicken pops :)

  2. Hey, she likes healthy snacks! Lucas asks for soda. Love the dance pics - and it's Tracey, not me, who has the rhythm...I just look spastic!