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Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

Pumpkin carving time!  It's hard for me to fathom, but until he met us, Daryl had never carved a pumpkin before.  And now look at him....he's a pro!

 Sarah and Maddy carved their very own pumpkins this year.

 Hannah and Maddy's pumpkins.  Sarah carved a light bulb into hers, but I forgot to take a picture of it. (Sorry Sarah!)
 Doesn't our pumpkin look scary from this angle?
 Yeah, that was just a trick to hide the fact that we really made a lopsided, sorta goofy looking pumpkin.
 Our little fairy and pumpkin.  Hannah asked me, "Why do I have to be a fairy again?"  Well, Hannah.  Because mommy  is a procrastinator and really dislikes costume shopping and you really didn't seem to care, so I got the least trashy looking costume they had at Walmart.  Because really?  Fishnet stockings for a costume in size 4-6?  OK, I didn't say that.  But that's what I was thinking.  What I really said was, "Because you make such a cute fairy!"
 We went down the street to Daniel Park for what was touted as a "safe" Halloween.  Translation:  games and inflatables with long lines.  Plus a little bit of candy.
Still, we went since no one trick or treats in our neighborhood anymore.
 We stood in line for one game.  For a long time.  And never got to the front.

 We found a line that was just candy and that was the only time they truly trick or treated (if you can really call it that)
 Then they decided that they would rather do this.

After a while, we headed to Nanny's house, where Nanny ooohed and aaahhhed over them, and then emptied her entire candy bowl into their sacks.
Another Halloween in the books-onto my favorite time of the year!

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