As you come to him, the living Stone--rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him--you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2: 4-5

Friday, November 4, 2011

More Gifts

101.  The Robitussin spilled on my laptop, rendering it useless, unless typing only vowels.  For the full story, look a few posts down.  Anyways...even though I ruined an expensive piece of technology, it has freed up my time and I've been more productive.

102.  A day at home alone

103. "Hide and Teek" with Charlotte--which is really just hiding under the blanket with her

104.  Watching Char in the tub, listening to her tell me "I wash my back, I wash my hair," etc.

105.  "I your girl Daddy."

106.  Watching how proud Hannah was of her little sister when we went on the field trip

107.  the smell of a fire in the fireplace

108.  little girls in footie pajamas

109.  a sweet e-mail from my neice

110.  Hannah's improved handwriting

111.  Seeing my family after spending the day alone

112.  A compliment from a stranger at Wendy's, about how well behaved my girls are

113.  matching and folding 57 pairs of socks

114.  Breakfast with my Maddy

115.   80's weekend on the radio

116.  "Mommy, I just love you too much!"

117.  Being able to move a child up in reading groups

118.  empty (for avery short while) laundry baskets

119.  reading Sarah's Jamaica letters

120.  realizing that God provided exactly what we needed in October, when we weren't sure how we were going to make it

121.  Pay day!

122.  Clean(er) carpets

123.  Listening to Daryl tell the Sunday school class about his "gifts" this week.  Being one of his "gifts"  

124.  Get Well cards from my first graders

125.  Five hours of uniterrupted sleep

126.  Watching how God uses my experiences and hardships so that I can help others

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  1. I love this list...but can you please tell me how you got empty laundry baskets? I haven't seen them in years!