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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cheer, Cheer, and More Cheer

As promised, a very busy Saturday. Still not totally out of my funk, but a good cry in a nasty football field bathroom does wonders to clear your head and heart. But more about that later.

Here is my sweet pumpkin one day after her two month birthday.She looks so like a boy, but I couldn't resist. Plus, I thought it was going to be warmer than it turned out to be, so I thought short sleeves would be the way to go.
Love this picture...all my girls before we left for the day. Love them, love them, love them.

Maddy giving me the classic cheerleader pose at the game.
And in her stunt with Sierra. The girl's legs are just about as tall as Maddy, but Maddy is so strong, she ends up being the base.
This is how Charlotte spent the game...wrapped up in a blanket, because man, was it cold!

And Hannah made a new friend. She seems to just lose all inhibitions lately around other children, and all of the sudden, she has a new "best friend." She scooted next to this little girl at the game and they spent the second half under the bleachers playing. Yes, I know it's nasty under the bleachers, but I do believe it's a southern child's rite of passage to play in the dirt at your sibling's football game.
Looks like fun, huh? Well...what these pictures didn't capture was how incredibly cold it was when the wind was blowing...and the wind was pretty much always blowing. Or how it took me ten minutes to get the stroller open and Charlotte all tucked in and how this baby who really never cries screamed every time I put her in it. Or how Hannah had to go to the bathroom/concession stand/to wash her hands three times. Or how her french fried actually flew away in the wind, causing her to knock over my water and her sprite. Or how, when walking to the bathroom, I twisted my ankle and fell, holding Charlotte, on the concrete. Or how, after said fall, the old lady that had to help me up said 'sweetly', "Honey, you have no business having this baby out in this weather anyways. Let me wrap her up properly."
So, being the emotional misfit that I often am, I held it together until we made it to the bathroom (where Hannah locked herself in the stall and gave me and every other person in the bathroom a play by play) and then cried hysterically, deciding that I had just about hit my breaking point.
I got over it by the time the game was over, but to tell you how very hard it was, how very consuming it was, I spent the whole game thinking we were the visitors, and had won. We were the home team, and we lost. Big time.
Then it was off to the cheerleading competition. Sarah still isn't cheering, but still goes to all of the competitions. Here's my pretty girl all made up and "cheery."
And if you look really closely in this picture, you can see her sitting in her seat in the cheering section, immobilizer and all! They won first place it was a nice end to a very looooonnnng day!

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  1. Don't you love old ladies who stick their noses in where it's not wanted???? Sarah looks so much like you when we were in school!