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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grease is the word....

At the beginning of the year, Maddy was taking Study Hall for her elective. Her music teacher (because she wanted more chorus students) and I (because I wanted her to study at home, and I fondly remember study hall) convinced her to switch to chorus. I am so glad that she did, and I think she is too. She loves to sing and loves to dance. And while usually, there is little dancing involved in chorus, this time, there was. At the Dessert Theater this week, the middle school chorus performed "We Go Together" from my all time favorite movie, Grease.
Is she not the cutest 50's girl you have ever seen? When I found out she needed a poodle skirt, I called my mom and she told me an easy (HAHAHAHA!) way to make a poodle skirt. Well, given my ability to sew, we opted for the Walmart version. Below, is a picture of Maddy and her friends (two of whom had home made poodle skirts, sigh). These girls have been together since first grade and they cheered together for years. This year, Maddy was the only one to opt for cheering. All of her friends chose volleyball instead. I was glad to see the crew back together!

Mid song. Cute. Cute. Cute.
She just looks like she was having such fun...they all did actually!

Anyone who knows me knows that no matter how tired, sad, mad, grouchy, sleep deprived I am, the movie Grease can always make me happy. And this performance at the end of a very very long day (full of baby shots and physical therapy and crying preschoolers and chatty first graders) put a smile on my face.
What doesn't put a smile on my face--
*Baby shots. Three shots and one oral med. for Charlotte on Tuesday. Broke my heart to hear her scream, hear Hannah cry. As soon as Charlotte started crying, Hannah clasped her hands over her ears and started sobbing. She really does not like to hear her sister cry. Good thing for her, Charlotte doesn't cry much!
*Sleepy grouchy three year olds. Hannah has gotten way too little sleep this week and thrown some whopper fits. One of which was in the physical therapy office after I had to wake her up and take her in.
*My stupid blood pressure. Up again...with the medication. So it was to the doctor to me today and a higher dose of meds. My own fault, I know. Too much diet coke, not enough water, horrendous eating habits, no exercise, too much baby weight left after baby. Also, I have a sneaky feeling that it might also be because I am old. I just want my body to be normal again--as in five years ago--before "Kids, Part 2". Wouldn't trade them for the world, though!
Things (or thing) That Brings a HUGE Smile to My Face
Nothing (do you hear me? NOTHING!!) to do!!! No cheer competition. No football game. No parties, practices, meets, or things to do. And I plan to take full advantage of it. Lots of laundry. Lots of cleaning. And the best part, lots of time with my kiddos that doesn't take place in the car!!! God has been so good to me, and blessed me with five beautiful, smart, funny, kind, compassionate children. And all last week, I bemoaned my busy schedule, my lack of time at home, my messy chaotic life. And then today, when I was seeing spots and sitting in the doctor's office thinking I was going to stroke out and leave them motherless(yes, a bit melodramatic, I know...but once again...this is ME we are talking about...), I realized that I have spent way too much time focusing on the negative of my hectic life and not appeciating the blessings that make it so. Here's to a weekend of appreciating...and even embracing the chaos.

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