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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our week in pictures

I keep thinking that one day I'm going to get in the swing of things and actually post every day...ya the title suggests. But very obviously it is not going to be this week.

Our week started with Homecoming services at church. Good food, old friends and new, and a new dress. OK, so not actually new, but new to us. Consignment find--$5.50 and too cute.

But cuter still were these shoes/socks. They are actually socks that look like shoes! They are made by Trumpette and they have so many cute styles. However, at $26.50 a pair,
this will most likely be the only pair she ever has (and yes...they were a gift!)
Here's Hannah being a turtle. She actually thought of this all by herself! Gotta love this "smile"--her new pose for pictures.

And yes, another cheerleader bites the dust. While practicing her back handspring on the wet grass at church (Taking all my self control not to say "I told you so!"), she injured her finger. Said she heard a "pop," but we don't think it is broken, but she is definitely not doing back handsprings any time soon!
Hannah doing her "rate,"--pronounced rah-tee. When I picked the girls up from Kay's tonight, she was excited to show me her moves. She really is quite good and intense about it all.
And a little bit of baby sweetness. She has started smiling occasionally, tho Kay swears she smiles at her all day (putting my fingers in my ears and chanting, "I'm not listening to you!") Tried to get the elusive, but oh so sweet, smile on camera, but this is as good as it got. Not quite a smile, but so darn cute!
And introducing Mr. ELCA himself, my sweet baby boy in ...yes, you got it, PINK. He and Maranda were voted Mr. and Ms. ELCA in the senior superlatives for the yearbook. They have to get their picture taken tomorrow, and so she took him shopping today. He looks so handsome and so very very grown.
Didn't help this momma's heart when he said, "Don't I look like a college student?"
Hopefully I will get some more pictures posted this weekend, tho there is nary a place in my house where the background of the pictures would not show the sheer disorder, chaos, and mess!

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