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Monday, December 21, 2009

First Official Day of Christmas Vacation

Sarah informed us all this morning that this was indeed the first official day of Christmas break--I guess the weekend didn't count--and what a busy day it was. Daryl and I did our annual last minute, Christmas shopping. For us, this means starting...and finishing all of our shopping in one morning. We have done it this way since we have been together, and have never had a problem. We leave early, to miss the crowds, and usually are home before lunch. The best part for me is getting to spend a little time alone together. That happens so rarely, but we always have such a good time.

We came home, wrapped all the presents, and then got down to baking. I had promised Hannah that we would make Christmas cookies, so make them we did. We did this every year growing up, so it brought back some good memories. I'm quite sure that my mother made her cookie dough from scratch, but we just poured a little flour with the refrigerated cookie dough and it worked just as well!

Here are my bakers/cookie makers...all excited to make cookies. This lasted through one sheet of cookies...then it was just me and Sarah with the occasional Hannah appearance.

Charlotte hung out with us for a while, too. She is finally strong enough to sit in her walker, andwhile she doesn't go anywhere, she seems to enjoy it.
She also hung out in her bouncy chair, doing her very favorite thing...eating her hands.

As a child, we used the last of the dough to make initial for each of us. So I decided to do the same. Which would have been great if they would have stayed this size, but they all exploded into big blobs.

Maddy's one and only cookie that she decorated.
Hannah decorated these.

Our plan was to bake chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies as well, but in the middle of our cookie adventure, Daryl decided to quickly fix the leak under the sink. And, well, as things often go over here, it ended up more complicated than he thought and he had to replace the faucet.And recaulk the sink. And wait for three hours to let it dry.
So chocolate chip and peanut butter will have to wait until tomorrow. Also on the agenda for tomorrow--probably about 15 loads of laundry, cleaning out our closet, and best of all, staying in my PJs all day. Gotta love Christmas vacation!!!

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