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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

What a wonderful day...after a not so wonderful night with Miss Charlotte. She, and consequently we, were up most of the night, so 6:45 came early this morning. Here are all the children, excited and ready to see what Santa left, but having to wait until Mom (me) turned on the lights on the tree and the music on the stereo and got in prime picture taking position!

Hannah was so excited by every little thing in her stocking, but by the time we got around to the presents, she was a bit overwhelmed.
Maddy and her long awaited cell phone.

My wonderful husband, looking a bit goofy in these pictures, gave me the best gift today. Not only was he incredibly cheerful (despite the fact that it was his night with Charlotte and he is NOT a morning person, nor one to do without sleep), he really outdid himself on his gift to me. I really was expecting nothing, seeing as that was what we had agreed upon. But after all the gifts were open, there was one left for me, from him. He gave me a calendar, with a date night scheduled for each and every month, gift card to a different restaurant attached to each month. Thoughtful, romantic, and totally unexpected. swoon. And just a little note about his choice of apparel in these pictures. In the first, he is wearing Josh's gift to him. In the second, a gift from Hannah every time she opened a gift.

A few pictures from my mom's house. Kathleen and Jason got her this Little People castle, which she loved. She loves to set things up, and now in our living room, we have a castle, a dollhouse, a littlest pet shop mall, a barn, and a jungle. It seriously looks like a toy store exploded!

1Charlotte's big present from my parents, besides a big box of diapers (thanks mom and dad!) was this Bumbo seat, which allows her to sit up with some assistance. And that big warning on the side of it??? A warning to keep the seat on the ground and not on elevated surfaces. Oops!

Anyways, now that she is 4 months old and has this nifty new seat that helps her sit up, she can now do this!!! That's right, we started cereal today. She has been eating like a maniac anyways...lots and often, so we figured she was ready. She did great. Didn't eat a whole lot, but seemed to enjoy what she did keep in her mouth.

Tomorrow, I am braving the cold weather, the crowds, and my fear of taking both little girls to the mall at the same time, and making good on a promise to the big girls. We are picking up some friends and heading to the mall for them to spend their Christmas money. Wish me luck!

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  1. That is the best gift I ever heard of from your husband! How original - wonder how he ever thought of that!