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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AWANA Awards Cook-Out

Since she was an itty bitty baby...actually, since I found out I was pregnant with her...I have been looking forward to her first "program." I imagined her up on the stage, singing away like she does at home, smile on her face, cuteness exuding from her pores.

So today was the big day. The end of the year (yay!) AWANA awards cook-out. And the cubbies were going to put on a little program. AND...I brought my camera! I couldn't wait. So....without further ado...

Here they are lining up, getting ready. Yeah...that tall handsome newly skinny guy? My wonderful husband and devoted daddy. She wouldn't line up by herself.

Then it was time to recite the verses that they had been working on all year. We had practiced it at home. In the car. She knew it. And all of the other cubbies (4 out of 5 of them who do not even speak English as their first language and knew hardly anyone there) said theirs perfectly. Hannah? See the picture below.
But she did stand next to Daryl and slightly move her lips to their song (which we have sung ad nauseum at home).
And again, when she got her certificate...sigh.

But least someone was smiling!!!

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  1. Those pictures are too funny! I'd say your kids are growing up, but you have a baby to keep you young!