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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Graduation Day 2010

Graduation Day started with a bang at our house with the usual Sunday morning crazies. You know, too little time, too much to do, nothing to wear, kids to get dressed, and so on. Once we got to church, though, it was delightful.

Grandma and Grandpa joined us in church for a sweet service. Doug, our music director sang the song below, and dedicated it to our graduates. Watch this below...but's a tear jerker. I cried all the way through it in church and then a week later, just now, all over again. I dare you NOT to cry!

After church, we had a graduation luncheon at the church for all four of our graduates.

Josh and Grandma, in a rare picture opportunity

Charlotte spent time playing with Daddy's glasses...

And Grandma's cross

The cake

The graduates: Josh, Cree, Daniel, and Zach, who was graduating from college

Josh and his super cool graduation gift from Miss Dana. It's a cake made out of a styrofoam base covered with construction paper, and then rolled up dollar bills for candles!

Then we headed to the school, an hour early, to stake our place in line to get a seat. I knew we didn't want a seat real close because of the extremely real possibility of having to leave with Charlotte.
Here is Uncle Chip, Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Jason (with Cole and Clare in utero!) and Grandma.

Walking in. This was the only time during graduation I cried. Pomp and Circumstance just did me in! Doesn't he look happy?
Now below is where the picture of him receiving his diploma should be. However, the camera died momentarily right when he was walking across the stage, so you'll have to check out my facebook pictures for that (and yes, I tried to move it over here but it was teeny tiny)
So instead, you get the mortar board tossing!

After proud!

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