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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I know I complain a lot about the hardships and woes of being a mother. I know that my family doesn't always make it easy to keep a clean house. I know my darling husband leaves the ketchup bottle on the TV tray next to his recliner. But today, on Mother's Day, I take this opportunity to publicly apologize to them for ever bashing them on "the blog." Because today...they made up for spades!

This is what I woke up to this morning. (Actually, I woke up to Hannah's bottom in my face at around 4:00 am, but I digress) My sweet sweet husband got the kids together to make this bouquet of the prettiest flowers I have ever seen.

This handsome fellow had worked until midnight last night...a 14 hour shift...and still stayed up and painted a picture frame for me. AND made sure I didn't lift a finger today. Love him, love him, love him.

Sarah watched the little girls while I had my time in the sun and my time in the bed this afternoon. So so so thankful for both...and for her! Truth be told, she often does sweet things like this for me. She is truly precious!
And Maddy, be still my heart. Maddy surprised me with a special song she sang, "dedicated to her mom", at church. Made me and most of the old ladies cry. I am so thankful for her sweet sweet heart.
And this little one?
She made me(actually for herself) this apron in children's she could help me in the kitchen. Isn't she adorable?
And then gave me this picture in a frame, taken in Sunday school. This will forever be remembered as the "time she looked like we abused her." Note the lovely bruise across her cheek--from running to me at AWANA's and falling into the chair. The bruise along with the bangs in need of a good, professional trim (or at least by someone who can cut straight) make her look like a little orphan child...but she's still mighty cute!
And Charlotte...besides letting us sleep til 8:00 (after being up at 4:00 when Hannah's cries woke her up), just brightened my day with all of her sweetness.

I am a woman truly blessed. I have a wonderful husband that takes the time and initiative each year to make sure this day is special for me and I have kids who love me much more than I deserve. Despite the mess and the noise, the driving back and forth all the time, the endless supply of dishes and laundry, ...I realized that I am blessed beyond measure and I am so very very thankful for each of them.
I am also thankful that after nearly two months, I have finally broken my plateau. By doing the Daryl diet. The stay strictly on plan during the week and eat what I want on the weekend plan. Finally, the scale moved. I'm no down a total of 24 pounds since I started and a grand total of 63 pounds since Charlotte was born. I know that once school is out that I will have to stop the Daryl diet and go back to strictly Weight Watchers, as I will lose my routine. But I also hope to start exercising once I have time to breathe!
Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother, my fabulous mother-in-laws, and all my mommy friends and relatives!

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  1. Awww, sweet kids! Congrats on the weight loss - those are amazing numbers! Go you!