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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Senior Awards Night

Ah, yes, another senior event. The senior awards banquet. Everyone was encouraged to wear their finest and come and celebrate the seniors and their accomplishments.

Josh and Maranda before the ceremony. Don't they make a great looking couple?

Josh and his "senior mom," Gloria Davis. Each staff member at school "adopts" a senior for the year and encourages them, prays for them, gets them little stuff for their birthday, etc. Josh was good friends with her son, who graduated last year, and she and Daryl were friends when they were both younger. Such a neat coincidence, I think!

Josh and his favorite teacher, his AP teacher, Mr. Teague.
Getting his gold cord for being an honor student. This was given to all who maintained a 90% average or above for high school. So proud!
After receiving his ELCA senior plaque and his "alumni" gift! The principal got up and spoke about each and every one of the 80 graduates, listing their accomplishments, their college acceptances, and their future plans. A great benefit of going to a smaller school! It was very impressive to me to see that all but two were going on to college!

It was a bittersweet night for us. Sweet to see our first born, who we think is an amazing young man, being recognized by others. Bitter, in that they are recognizing because his time at ELCA is over. At the end, they called all the seniors up to the front of the auditorium to kneel at the base of the stage, and then all the parents to come up and stand behind them, and we all prayed together. Such a touching, fitting moment. And I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear or two.
This lovely night was billed as a night for the whole family. Evidently, they weren't aware of our family dynamic--HA! Charlotte and Hannah were cute as a button...dressed in matching ladybug dresses from sweet Aunt Tricia. However, sitting and being quiet for long period of time is not their idea of fun. Charlotte was happy, but loud, babbling constantly. Hannah was happy, but wanting to run up and down the aisles. Not to mention that I was the ONLY one there with a stroller, or a four year old...or both! Such a weird place to be, honestly. The parents of our big kids' friends are our age, but only have big kids. The parents of kids the little girls' ages are so young.
But I wouldn't trade it for anything....even through all the frustration, the walking the babbling baby for hours during ceremonies and services, the big ol' giant hassle it is taking them anywhere.
Especially when I come into the room and am greeted by this!

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