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Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to School Day at ELCA

Thursday was Back to School Day at ELCA. It started with a myriad of meetings for the staff, and then lunch for new families. After lunch I snuck to Hannah's classroom and took a few pictures.

Here's her desk. Sigh.
And her coat hook.

Later, after the new students had a time to look around, I was able to sneak away and take Hannah to meet her teacher.
She was a little shy to start with. Here she is standing at her desk.

I had told Mrs. Allison how anxious she was about washing her hands. Over and over again, she had expressed concern that she would not be able to turn the water off after she washed her hands. Mrs. Allison was kind enough to let her come and practice.

She let Mrs. Allison get close....but made sure that she had a little distance...

Later, we could not pass Mrs. Allison without giving her a hug, but Maddy took that picture and it was blurry.
After Meet the Teacher, we had a school wide worship. Mark Hall led the music.

Hannah fell fast asleep during, but woke up in time for Picnic in the Plaza.
And then we headed to the stadium for a "sneak peak" of the football teams, the cheerleaders, and the band. Hannah managed to eat her way through the evening. Two slices of pizza, two snow cones, a pack of m&m's, and some french fries.
While Hannah and I sat in the bleachers, Maddy and Sarah hung out with their friends in true ELCA fashion. I do believe Maddy has spent more time at football games on "the hill" than in the bleachers or on the sidelines!

Our night ended with a demonstration from the competition cheerleaders before heading home to see Daryl and Charlotte.

It was truly a great day at ELCA. (Our headmaster ends the morning announcements each day with the saying "Have a great E..L..C..A.) It made me proud to teach at the school. Made me excited for the year to start. Also made the sacrifices so worth it. I could easily make more money at a public school, but I couldn't get this kind of school family, partners in worship, and a place where my children can grow in the Lord while they learn.
Monday is the first day of school. We can't wait!

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