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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eat Mor Chiken

Friday was National Dress Like a Cow for Free Chicken Day at Chick Fil A. Last year, we all (except Daryl) dressed like cows, masks and all. This year, it sorta caught us by surprise. But we are not the type to turn down free food, especially when it's one of our favorites. Josh was working at his Chick Fil A, but the girls quickly made due with what we had.

We had sweet girl with a new haircut cow...
And sister cows.
Speaking of sisters, this is what I found this morning when I came up to get Charlotte out of bed. I love how much Hannah loves her baby sister, and love how excited Charlotte gets to see her big sister. I wonder how long it will be until Hannah figures out that she can get in there with her?

They both had sick looking eyes this morning, so I was sure that before the day was over, I'd have two sick girlies. Josh had been sick all week, and I knew that we wouldn't be so lucky as to have him keep it to himself.
Well, I was 1/2 right. It only took picking her up to realize that Charlotte was not well. Sure enough, she had a 102.3 fever. And of course, our pediatrician just recently stopped seeing patients on Saturdays. So off to the urgent care center, where we waited for 2 1/2 hours to be told that she looked perfect. Of course, the fever, by that time, had gone down due to the motrin. So while I was glad to hear that she was so healthy otherwise, I was a bit disappointed that we weren't sent home with a prescription for something to make her feel better.
We spent the rest of the day sleeping (yay!) or crying, being basically miserable except for the hour or so after the motrin or tylenol kicked in.
Isn't this the most pitiful thing you've ever seen?
Her sisters, though, were a bit more productive.
Maddy did her best impression of the Energizer Bunny, as she cleaned the downstairs and did...count them...10 loads of laundry. Did, as in washed and dried and folded and put away, TEN LOADS OF LAUNDRY. I even heard her say, at one point, under her breath, "Why in the world must they put their clothes on the floor?" HA! Welcome to my world!
Here she is, worn out after her 12 hours of being a laundress. (Hey, I've always wanted one of those!)
And here is Sarah, who didn't want to get her picture taken, but nonetheless, deserved a kudos for her hard work today as well. She spent lots of time with a fussy fussy Charlotte, and even took a nice long walk with me this afternoon.
And Hannah. My sweet sweet Hannah. My "never stop talking" girl. Who is used to being the center of attention, used to having someone to play with her, used to having someone entertain her. Who, today, had to take a big backseat (like waaaaaaay at the back of the bus) to her little sister. She did well, though, and I was so so proud of her.
Tomorrow is officially my last week of summer. I'll tutor this week and be done with it. Next Monday, I'll move all of my junk back into my room and get ready to do it all again.
Would I be too much of a geek to admit that I am ready and excited?
On second thought, don't answer that!

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  1. Wow - I don't think I've ever done 10 loads of laundry in a day myself! That's awesome! Do y'all start back to school really early, or do you have to do teacher stuff that early? We still have 4 weeks left...