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Friday, September 17, 2010

Clare and Cole 6 weeks old

The girls and I travelled up to Chattanooga earlier this week. It was one part mini-vacation since we are out on Fall Break, and one part "see Clare and Cole." (Oh, and you too, Kath and Jason!) Even though they are still smaller than all but one of mine were at birth, it seems as if they have gotten so big. I didn't get many pictures because this is basically what happened:

I think I got 15 minutes with each of them. Which probably was a good thing, because Hannah and Charlotte kept me plenty busy. Charlotte went exploring, chasing cats, picking up stuff off of the floor, and stole the babies' bottles. She also managed to get herself locked in their kitchen! I think we need one of those!
And Hannah? Well usually, she just has to compete with Charlotte, which is getting harder and harder to do, the more mobile and more verbal she gets. With two sweet little pumpkins there, she was determined that someone was going to pay attention to her! "Mom, take a picture!" seemed to be her mantra. I was all too happy to oblige!

Kath (or Kat as she is known to everyone but us) and her fur-baby, Turtle (I think). She has turned out to be such a good mama. So proud of my baby sister, who to me, should really be a baby still herself!

Not sure when we will be seeing the little ones again. November maybe? Til then, Flicker and I will be good friends!

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