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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It appears that spring time also means track season, and this year, I have a reason to enjoy track. Meet my favorite discus thrower (tosser?)/runner/hurdler:

Getting the roster and rules from the official.

"in the hole"

preparing to throw--this part is pretty impressive

After the discus, she had to run to her next event, the 400m. Here she is running to the starting blocks.

See that little speck second from the front? That would be Maddy.
(And this would be me, thinking a different lens might be a good investment)

Go, Maddy, Go!!!
(Yes, I did really yell that, along with something like, "You can do it, baby" or something equally humiliating)

The eighth grade 400m runners.

It got really really cold between this event and the next, and really, the 800m and the 400m pretty much look the same in pictures.
She did well--even though she thinks she didn't.
We got home earlier than expected, just in time to get some good cuddle time with Charlotte and Barbie computer time with Hannah.
Loved the time with my girl...not often we get time alone together.
My runner rocks!

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