As you come to him, the living Stone--rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him--you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2: 4-5

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunny Saturday

What do you do on a beautiful sunny Saturday? Well, first you get up at 5:45 am (yes, that is am, thank you Charlotte), drink coffee, and then once everyone else is up and at 'em, you clean out your closet, boxing up everything that even remotely belongs in the fall/winter category, and your get out your flip flops (woooohoooo!). Then, when you've stayed inside for just as long as you can stand it, you sneak out of the house when your little girls aren't looking to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Oh how I do love a tan. It was a heavenly hour, that time I spent unashamedly sitting in my driveway in a stadium chair (In my defense, there were four cars there blocking anyone from seeing me, and I was fully clothed). The only "blip" was when Hannah and Charlotte found me through the living room window and stood with their faces pressed up against the glass, crying. Then my wonderful husband (who I appreciate so very much...ahem) came to my rescue and took them in the backyard to play.

It was also Family Day in the Stone house. For Christmas, Daryl declared every third Saturday of the month Family Day, where everyone is here to eat and watch a movie/play a game/have a fun family activity. It's usually a night time thing, but with Josh's work schedule, we opted for lunch instead.

But first, Sarah enjoyed her new ukulele. She had been not so patiently waiting for it for an entire week, and she was beyond thrilled to see that it had arrived yesterday afternoon.
Hannah went on a bug hunt and found Wormie the earthworm. Wormie met an early, untimely death (I'll take this opportunity to mention that I found her in the bathroom trying to brush his teeth), and she was crushed to lose "the best friend she ever had." Never fear, though, Daddy came to the rescue again (did I mention how much I appreciate him?).

As part of our family day, we broke in the brand new table that Daryl made. The old one had gotten too small for us all, and the bench that Daryl had made when the kids were 13, 10, and 8, was a bit too small now that they are 19, 16, and 14.
Please excuse the floor underneath it. Daryl just recently tiled this part of the new addition and he's not had the time to grout it quite yet. But I do so appreciate that he worked so hard to do this for us!
Here's the clan(minus Charlotte who couldn't stay up one. more. minute) about to eat lunch.

And after lunch, we played one of the new games we got for Christmas, Imaginiff.
Fun game if you just so happen to not have a four year old sitting on your lap whining, and if your toddler doesn't wake up early from her nap, and sit on the table and cry and move all the pieces.
After our game was cut short, Daryl did his best Arab impression and got ready to burn. We had lots of construction materials around the yard/house/deck that we needed to get rid of.
The first thing to go was our old table and bench. I suppose it could have been donated, but it was in such bad shape. We were pretty hard on it over the years. It's had children, pets, countless boxes and bags of stuff, and an amazing amount of laundry piled on it. We announced two pregnancies at that table. We've done homework, schoolwork, science projects, and "craps" (crafts, people, in Hannahspeak). It's been chewed on, painted on, drawn on, spilled on.
So it was sorta sad to see it go.
Some people's idea of a great weekend is one filled with activity. My idea of a great weekend is one filled with plenty of time to get everything done, time to read and write, time to snuggle with my babies and enjoy my big kids, and time when my husband doesn't leave to go to work!

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