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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Homecoming Week 2011

Can I get an "Amen" and a "Praise the Lord?"  Because ELCA homecoming week is OVER!!!  For those of you who are not familiar with the week, it's a week where the children big and small dress in a different theme every day, and the teachers try to teach while said kids are just plain whacko.  Take the kid out of the uniform and instant chaos ensues.  It's been a week--at school where it was not only homecoming week but end of the grading period as well, and at home, where we were scrambling to find clothes and create costumes.

Day 1- Super Hero Day
(by far my most prepared day)
Note the cute super hero cape I made for Hannah out of an old t-shirt
 Supergirl, Harry Potter (who I say is NOT a superhero, but I was outvoted), and a Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle minus the mask which she ruined one minute before walking out the door. 
 Day 2 - Team Day
Easy for the big girls.  But for Hannah, the only team t-shirt she had was long sleeved, and since it is still mid 80's here, that wasn't an option.  So she wore one of the big girls' shirts and we tied it in the back. 
 She doesn't look too thrilled above because just moments before, she looked like this.  Ah yes,....the early morning right before school meltdown.  Gotta love it.
 Day 3 - Western Day (Which was originally Cowboys and Indians Day, but that was deemed offensive and politically incorrect, so at the last minute I was informed that Indian costumes were taboo.  So I was forced to find a cowboy outfit for Hannah without spending any money.  And that morning, we had lost her only pair of jeans that fit and she refused to wear the bandana that pulled the whole outfit together, and I was frazzled and sweating because I had on boots and a long sleeved shirt and like I said, it's still hot and what can I say? I'm a sweater--as in, someone who sweats buckets, not woolen piece of clothing.  So no pictures then.  But that afternoon, it was the pre-homecoming festivities.

Maddy worked (yes...for money!) at Sno-Biz
 Sarah played in the powder puff game

 And Hannah and her new friend Frankie participated in the long standing ELCA tradition of jumping down the bleachers and playing on "the hill."
 She also somehow sweet talked Frankie's mom into buying her a sno-biz "shaved ice experience."
 Day 4- Friday- Blue and Gold Day
My sweet class...who were still sweet but oh my goodness wild and wooly
 After school, Daryl brought Charlotte to the school so we could eat together.
 "Free" food from the Varsity.  (the quotation marks are around free, because you only got a free ticket for your meal if you donated $10 out of every paycheck to the ELCA fund--so really, it's a $120 free dinner from the Varsity)

 Hannah and Charlotte had fun playing Duck Duck Goose
 Hannah, Charlotte, Kristen, Gracie, and Julia Rose
 Three of the "Fab Five"--Sarah, Natalie, and Ellie
 Sweet Maggie, one of my homecoming representatives
 And Cole--her escort, also from my room
We won, the kids had fun, and Josh came home as an official "ELCA alum"-so all was good.
Looking forward to a normal dressing, somewhat calmer, less chaotic week!

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  1. Well, since you asked for it: AMEN and HALLELUJAH as well!! :) Our homecoming week (or Spirit Week) isn't until February (I think our school does it near the final tournament?) ... so I have some time to consider costuming though things change each year. LOVE those "easy" days like sports team day or school color day (our colors are blue & gold too!). Cute pics - fun times ... now, let NORMAL resume (whatever normal is, eh?!). :) Have a great weekend - bummer it is not a 3 day for you all.