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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I got to be a mom today....

instead of a teacher!  I got to go on a field trip with Hannah's kindergarten class today, and I decided to take Charlotte with us.  I felt as if I had drug them with us as we went to competitions, play practices, cheer practices, Spivey...that we deserved some time together.  So after I dropped the girls off, got my classroom ready, and dropped Hannah off in her classroom, Char and I went to the car to wait to follow the bus.

Here's Char-"I not in my seat!"-lotte playing "hide and teek" under the blanket in the back seat.

 We got there and found Hannah in line with her best friend, Gracie.
 Charlotte in the stroller, in which she stayed in for about 2.5 minutes
 Soooooo excited to see the farm!
 The first stop was to learn about how cotton is grown.  "Where are the cows?"
 This brought back memories.  When we were moving from Wisconsin to Alabama, my mom made my dad jump a fence to get some cotton to show us.  Also made him stop and get some peat moss!
 Finally....time to pick our pumpkins!
 They had five minutes to pick a pumpkin.  Hannah took the entire time to choose just the right pumpkin.  Charlotte picked about 13 pumpkins in five minutes and wanted to keep them all!
 Next it was hayride time...
 and time to handfeed the cows!
 Love this picture!
 What would a trip to the farm be without the giant inflatable jumping mattress?
 or the cow train?

 Our trip ended with ice cream and pig races, but I didn't get pictures.  The girls and I spent the rest of the day together.  Just what I needed!
One of many gifts this weekend...

93.  Finding Hannah, who had dressed herself and asked her father to do her hair, "reading."
94.  Being able to be "Mommy" today instead of "Mrs. Stone."
95.  Watching Hannah with her friends when she didn't know I was watching.
96.  Soft cow ears.
97.  Getting a compmliment from a stranger about how well behaved my girls are.
98.  Tortilla chips.
99.  Snuggles from a sleepy Charlotte.
100.  That my husband didn't suffocate me with the pillow last night.  I have a nasty cold and while I am getting better--and getting my voice back (try whispering all day to a classroom of first stuff), as soon as I lay down, I start coughing.  I slept from 5:34-6:24 this morning.  Tonight at dinner he said, "Tonight, I will kill you."  He kids....I hope! :)


  1. I look forward to going on field trips with my little ones and being a parent and not a teacher. I'm sure it was a blast! Glad you had fun :)

  2. Isn't that THE BEST kind of day!! Before I had Miriam, I was a school secretary for 6 years, and I missed a lot of field trips :( I hated that. LOVE being "available" now - glad you could have a day to do this (what a great school you must work for!).
    PS I totally understand about Charlotte sitting in the stroller 2.5 seconds - Miriam is THE SAME WAY - same with sitting in the seat in a shopping cart (she wants to sit/stand in the basket in back)! Lord, help us!!! :)