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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Visit to Toccoa Falls...full of gifts

Saturday after Daryl got finished working, we loaded up the car and went to Toccoa Falls to visit Josh at "college."  We had a great time, loved being with him, and now Hannah thinks that college means hiking through the woods an waterfalls.  It always blesses my heart when we can be all together, even if it is only for a short time.
 82.  How the little girls just love their "Joshy."

 83.  Goofy pictures, even if they are a little blurry
 I forgot to pack the stroller, and Charlotte pretty quickly got tired of walking, so Josh and Daryl took turns carrying her.  She wasn't too fond of riding on Daryl's shoulders, but I am so thankful that Josh and Daryl were strong enough to carry her while we walked around the campus and hiked up to the little falls.

 She did want to walk for maybe about 2 minutes.
 We finally got to the top.
84.  God's beautiful creation--litte Toccoa Falls.
 85.  The way Josh watches out for his little sisters.
He made sure that Hannah didn't get too far ahead, that Charlotte had a hand at all times and stayed off the slippery rocks, and that both girls got safely up and down from the rocks.

 86.  All my children together, happy and healthy. 

 After a while at the Little Falls, we climbed up the rocks to go to another little waterfall.  It was so sweet to see how the big kids helped Hannah (and me) across the slippery rocks.

Other gifts from this weekend....
87.  Pigtails
88.  Josh and Maranda celebrating 3 years together.  What a blessing it is to see how gentle, sweet, respectful, and thoughtful he is with her.
89.  An answered prayer, when a young couple came to Sunday School this morning.  He didn't stay, and they both didn't come to church, but I had been praying that they would come.
90.  Lunch at Nanny's
91.  Visiting with Darlene and Angela at Nanny's, and talking about her upcoming wedding
92.  Leftovers for dinner...I didn't have to cook!

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