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Saturday, September 12, 2009

3 weeks already...

Hard to believe that Charlotte is 3 weeks old already...almost one month she's been with us. In some ways this three weeks has flown, and in others, it is hard to remember what life was like without her. Three weeks in and I have yet to find my stride. The house remains a mess, the laundry remains done but unfolded, I remain unable to get back into the groove of mom and wife and housekeeper. Today, I mopped for the first time in three weeks. And yes, it was as gross as it sounds. I matched socks for the first time in about three months...and threw away 47 matchless socks. I haven't gotten dressed in anything other than shorts and a t-shirt in three weeks except to go to church, I've yet to do hair and make up except to go to church, and I am sure that my husband is wondering where his wife, who always used to match her shoes to her outfit and jewelry--even just to hang out at home, has disappeared to. Let's just say I"m working on it. Hey...I shower daily. And that is an accomplishment.

Why? you may ask. You had three under the age of 6 at one a single mom. While working three jobs. And going to school. Add one infant and you lose it? What's up with that? See this sweet little face below?

Sweet sweet girl. So smart. So imaginative. And so very very jealous. When she is home with us, which is three days a week, she is up at the crack of dawn in our bed...usually before sun up. When I am not feeding/holding/changing Charlotte, Hannah is at my side. "Put baby Charlotte in her bed and play with me!" And does she want to play blocks, or books, or playdoh, or doll house or games? No...she wants to play in her room. Cave, spiders, explorers, bunny and mommy, school, kitchen, or anything else that requires me to be in her room, away from Charlotte and any other chore I may have, pretending. While I am grateful for her active imagination and superb verbal skills, she is wearing me out! And mommy guilt just won't let me say no.
And see this little--although growing so fast already--one? The child who didn't like to eat? That is all she wants to do lately...that and be held. Look how long she is getting. Here she is with Maddy modeling one of her too cute newborn outfits that she is finally fitting into. (although, the pants still will fall to the ground...the girl has no butt and the tiniest little chicken legs. Baby Baggy Knees is her nickname!)
She does enjoy her bath. OK, maybe enjoy is a bit strong. She tolerates it and it gives me a break in the change, feed, burp, rock, try to put her down cycle.

Too cute.
And for those of you who said, "Just wait until her due date. She'll wake up. Don't you worry." I'd appreciate no "Told you so's." See this clock below? Can't see it but the time is 2:19 am. How do I know that? Because I had been up for two hours.

And this was Charlotte. Look tired to you?
Many things cross your mind as you embark upon your second straight hour of rocking in the middle of the night.
*What an amazing blessing. Thank you Lord.
*Thank you that she is not screaming like Hannah did.
*When will this child go to and stay asleep???
*There is an amazing amount of clutter in this room.
*Maybe we should buy a full sized ironing board.
*Where would we put a full sized ironing board?
*We have much more UGA stuff than Clemson stuff.
*When. will. she. go. to. sleep?
*I think Sweet Pea has a flea. That's what she's doing in there...scratching.
*Have my thighs really gotten fatter since I've delivered? That doesn't seem right.
*Do I care right now?
But in the end, as I put her in bed, changed my puke stained shirt, pulled my sweaty hair up in a pony tail, and got a drink of water, my final thought before falling asleep again was "Thank you Lord. You have blessed me beyond measure. And please, please, please, let her stay asleep!"

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