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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Girls Will Be Girls

This week we've had only girls at home, with Josh in Hungary. And it has been a hot bed of hormones!

All little girls...and big girls love to dress up. Here is Hannah dressed in her Halloween costume. May I say that she is wearing this only AFTER she threw it at Maddy for "ruining her life" when she couldn't hold the pom pom correctly. She did end up liking the costume, after I told her that I would give it to some other little girl who wouldn't throw it and she cried big fat fake cries for a few minutes.

Sarah and Maddy, dressed up for Pirate Day at school. Not sure why they decided to add Pirate Day to Homecoming week, but they enjoyed getting dressed up!

And of course, Hannah had to get in on the Pirate action too!

Charlotte turned one month old this week, and as a birthday gift of sorts, I got her an activity mat. My sweet Aunt Mary sent us a gift card, thinking that surely we had everything we needed, seeing as this is our fifth (little did she know that after Maddy, and then again after Hannah, we purged everything baby, convinced that they were indeed the last) Here is Charlotte enjoying her mat for the 5.7 seconds that she did. Then she realized that, " mommy is not holding me and I am not crying." Yes, her one month birthday was spent being a crabby pants!

And like with all of Charlotte's things, Hannah had to try it out first!
Tuesday night, Maddy's chorus gave a concert and here is Hannah. Do not let the smile fool you. She was right in the middle of being "that child," --loud and jealous and busy during the concert instead of listening nicely--and she reverted to the "if everyone is paying attention to the baby sister, then I will just act like her too!" mode.

And here is Maddy right before they started singing. She did such a beautiful job singing and praying, but was also smiling on the outside while horrified on the inside. The reason? The capped sleeves on the shirt that I bought her while she was at school. Yes, I am rolling my eyes at this one.

And just because...a picture of my sweet "baby Charlotte."

One month old. Hard to believe. Looking more and more like her Daddy to me.
*No longer sleeping long stretches of time during the night. I can officially say she has her days and nights mixed up!
*Finding her voice and crying a lot more. Still not reminiscent of Hannah, but more than before.
*Staying awake for longer stretches of time (mostly in the 2:30-4:30 am timeframe)
*Finally out of newborn diapers and newborn sleepers. Still has little bitty chicken legs, but she's gotten long...and chubby cheeks!
*Taking up to 4 ounces of formula at a time, but not an easy burper.
*Very gassy
*Doesn't smile at us yet, but her face changes when she is content. You can tell she is happy.
*Holds head up for short periods of time.
*More than anything else, enjoys being held.
*Goat noises...still making them! (tho Sarah would argue that she sounds more like a horse!)

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