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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

How is it possible that this sweet little girl....
has grown up so fast?
Yesterday, on New Year's Eve, my first baby girl turned 16. Bless her heart, she has been saddled with a birthday that is 6 days after Christmas all of her life. Consequently, her birthday just hasn't gotten the attention that it deserves due to the after Christmas rush and after Christmas bank account. My parents had given me a surprise luncheon at the country club for my sweet sixteen. I thought I was going for a nice lunch with my mom and when I walked in, there were all of my friends sitting around the table. Such a sweet surprise and so like my mother--she made every birthday special.

I wanted to make this birthday special for Sarah, but got started too late for a party. So she invited some of her friends to O'Charleys for lunch and then to a movie. Ellie and Natlie were out of town, but Leah and Rachel made it! I really managed to embarrass them all by insisting I get a picture. Ha!

Little sister (who had to come along because Daryl was working) wanted in on the picture action too!
We even got a free dessert and we sand to her.

When we got home we celebrated again with burgers on the grill, the Liberty Bowl (Daryl's contribution to the celebration!), and cake, ice cream, and presents.
Hannah really wanted to decorate the cake, so I let her put the candles on (also practicing her letter skills--I'd just call out a letter and she would find it)

Charlotte had gotten shots the day before and was uncharacteristically grumpy the whole day (what fun that was!)
Sarah waiting patiently for her presents

Josh lit the candles and brought the cake to the table while we sang.

Blowing out the candles with a little help from Hannah.

The one thing that made Charlotte stop whining and crying....chocolate. Yes, she is her mother's child!

Sarah has just repainted her room to go with her new comforter set she got for Christmas, so we got her some things to go in her new room. The mirror was a big hit...for the little girls!

Yes...whining really is more fun when you are looking at yourself in the mirror!
After everyone (Josh and Maranda) had left, she did come and thank me for making her feel special on her birthday.
Love her!

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