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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Break-continued

Day 2 of Winter Break--this is where the real fun began...NOT! It was a pretty monumental day, though, as my baby boy turned 19. Why does 19 sound so much older than 18????? It was a weird birthday day, because for the first time, we had to work around work, college, and girlfriend schedules. Usually birthdays in this house call for days revolving around the birthday boy/girl. I guess this is just a sign that they are growing up, huh? (insert a tantrum throwing smiley right here!)

Anyway, after a day of college classes and a lunch out with Maranda, we celebrated at our house. We had to do this in spurts--dinner when Daryl was home from school, and then cake when he was home from teaching at the college.

Hannah celebrated with pink eye. Fun stuff....
and Charlotte celebrated with what turned out to be the stomach virus and strep throat. More fun stuff.

Maranda's gift to Josh--a new electric guitar.

And what birthday would be complete without a call to Poison Control? See these two containers? On the right, is the container Kay Kay sent home with Charlotte for Valentine's Day--full of harmless mini gummy bears, which Charlotte loves. On the left--her gummy vitamins, which Charlotte also loves. Both were full when I left to go birthday shopping. Maddy gave the two containers to Charlotte to pacify her while I was gone. Luckily, they don't contain iron, and the very nice understanding Poison Control man told me there was no harm done and that she might be a bit nauseous.

Josh's cookie cake

getting help blowing out the candles

Happy Birthday to my very first baby!
On Wednesday, I spent most of the day at the doctor, changing my clothes to rid myself of various bodily fluids, trying to get tylenol/antibiotic/eye ointment in the appropriate places, and soothing grumpy girls. Hannah did, however, throw a ball. She picked out outfits for us all, and then we danced in the living room.

And just a picture of my pretty Maddy-with her silly daddy in the background!


  1. Oh my what a day! Happy birthday to your first born and big big hugs for you momma!

  2. Oh, that looks like awesome family fun! Y'all are good sports!