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Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter Break-Day 1

We had to get out of the house today so that Daryl could continue replacing the floor. We could have stayed, but it promised to be loud and messy, so we opted to have a girl's only field trip!

We started at Target so Maddy could get a new bathing suit for our trip back to the lake later on in the week. It won't be warm enough for swimming outside, but they have a nice indoor pool and Maddy had some birthday money burning a hold in her pocket!
Maddy, being the sweet sister that she is, bought the little girls some popcorn and a drink.

And then it was off to the park! We had originally thought we would try the sand park, but then we remembered that Charlotte hates the sand, so we opted by the park by Suder. Last time we were here, it was just a very pregnant me and a 3 year old Hannah. My how times have changed!

Since when did my baby girl get big enough to do this all by herself? Sigh.

This is Maddy, using the railroad ties as a balance beam. When I was a little bit younger than she is now, my dad had put railroad ties along the side of our driveway. I was at the height of my gymnastics fantasy life, and did the very same thing. I remember staying outside for hours, making up balance beam routines to the theme song from "The Rose." (Yes, I was a geek)

And then Maddy got the camera.

We ended our "field trip" with lunch at Wendy's and a trip to the grocery store. Fun Stuff.
Tomorrow, Day 2--Josh's 19th Birthday!

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