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Friday, January 8, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

Warning: I have NO idea what happened with the pictures and text halfway through this post, and I cannot fix it. Let's just chalk it up to holding a baby, playing "angel" with a three year old, and simultaneously posting at the same time.

It had been in the forecast for an entire week. It was going to be a snow "event" and dubbed "Snow 2010" by the local news channel. The children were excited. The teachers were excited. People flocked to the local Kroger like the "snow bunnies" that they were. (I only know this because we hadn't been grocery shopping since before Christmas and really...we had to go. I struggled with the decision for a good hour before I decided that I would risk being a snow bunny and feed my family.) And this below is a picture of our snow. Underwhelming would be a good word to describe it.
And Hannah was not disappointed. She was thrilled!
We didn't know, though, that we were going to get a snow day out of it. Daryl was optimistic, but the rest of us didn't want to get our hopes up and then have them dashed when every single other county was closed but ours.

So what do you do while you wait for the news that you get to sleep in? You dance in your underwear.

Play Wii Fit with Daddy. They are playing Hula Hoop, which really is precious, but unfortunately not able to be captured by still photography.

You draw cute pictures of your Daddy that thrill your early childhood educator mother, as you finally decide that people have arms and they come out of your head. In this picture, Daryl is holding Charlotte and the camera. The scribbling all over his face is his beard.

Finally at eleven o'clock last night, long after I had retired for the night, but while Daryl was still up watching the Alabama game, and after every single county surrounding ours closed, it was finally announced that Henry county schools were closed.
There wasn't a lot of snow, but Maddy and Hannah managed to make a snowman.
And Sarah and Hannah found icicles.
And after maybe an hour, we were all tired of the snow and cold and ice, but still excited to be home. And
Today also marked the 6 week mark for Maddy and her pierced ears. She was finally able to take her studs out and wear regular earrings.

All in all, a great day. The best part wasn't the snow or the nap (although I gotta say,....I LOVE me a good nap), it was having us all home together. I hate to admit this aloud, but I haven't always looked forward to the times where we were all stuck at home together. When the big kids were little and I was a frazzled single mom, I used to crave time alone. There have been times since Daryl and I have married that everyone home together meant to me more mess, more noise, more chaos, and I longed for a peaceful afternoon. It's ironic that now that we are inching closer to the time when Josh will be leaving for college, I am finally able to appreciate, enjoy, cherish, and even look forward to the time where I am surrounded by my husband and kids...mess, noise, and chaos included. "They" say that I will miss it someday, and I'm beginning to think that they--whoever they may be--are right!

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