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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jodeco Lock and Key

Must give a big shout out and some free advertising to Roger Hinton and Jodeco Lock and Key for saving my sweet Charlotte from one of my finer mom moments this afternoon.

I left work on time. Alone. Went to sainted chiropractor for an adjustment, and left (not in pain this time...yay!) looking forward to some time with my little girls. Josh didn't have a soccer game this afternoon, so he could pick up the big girls from tumbling, and I had a nice afternoon in mind. A little Spongebob, a little playing on the floor, some singing, some dancing, sweet baby kisses and Hannah hugs. I was even looking forward to the non-stop chatter that I knew would ensue once I picked them up.

I got to Kay's house, and thought to myself, "I always forget my keys in Kay's house and have to run back in and get them. Since I don't have pockets, I'll just leave them in the car." I just about skip to the car with Charlotte, because for the first time in over 3 weeks I can carry her in her seat without writhing in pain. I put her in the car, shut the door, and walk around the car to put Hannah in, and what do you know? All the doors are locked.

For the next half hour, I watched my sweet baby girl look at me helplessly and scream. And cried. And tried to entertain her through the glass. And cried. And tried to keep up a steady stream of conversation with Hannah. And cried. Did I mention that I cried? Did I also mention that Kay came out to check on us every five minutes and LAUGHED???

But Roger from Jodeco Lock and As I talked to him the first time (yeah, blush, I called him twice) he told me he was walking out the door and had the adress in the GPS. After 10 minutes, I called again, and he assured me he was doing the best he could to get there amidst the traffic, but to hold on. Next thing I know, there is his van, screeching around the corner, and he jumped out and had her out in less than 30 seconds. She was fine. Back in her happy place. No worse for wear.

Me...? Burned dinner--not unusual. Overcooking is my signature style. But this time, I did it with a baby on my hip. Keeping her close. I never want to see that expression on her face again. That's what I get for trying to be proactive and efficient and together. The 25 foot walk back to the house would have been well worth it. Tomorrow? The keys go in!

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