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Saturday, March 6, 2010

She did it! and other Saturday success stories...

My, how kids have changed. When I turned 15, I was at the DMV as soon as I could persuade my mom to take me (which was immediately, because she was just like that). Both of my driving age kids, though, have seemingly not been in any hurry. So today, over 2 months after she turned 15, Sarah got her permit. She got up early on a Saturday--6:30, yikes!--to do it too. (I vaguely remember her kissing me good-bye, because I was blissfully still asleep!)
On the sickness front, I was encouraged when she first woke up, but when she shortly assumed this position after eating one cracker, I was concerned and convinced we had another pukey ahead.
She soon recovered, though, and we were off to the school for a soccer game! You really can't tell, but Josh is at the far right in the picture.

My sweet Hannah with her pig tails. (She didn't quite understand the expression, informing us all that she is not a pig, because she wears shoes and a shirt)

Sarah enjoyed spending time with her best friend, Rachel.

Charlotte, who had been in the middle of a nap when we had to leave, did not enjoy the game. Daryl and I spent most of the game taking turns walking her around. Those cheeks--love them!
One of the resons I love being at ELCA. The post game huddle and prayer with the opposing team--a public school.
My soccer handsome.
Such a busy Saturday, and I do believe, knock on wood, that Hannah is finally well.
Cross your fingers, toes, and everything else you can cross that she is the only one who gets it!

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