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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prom 2010

Where does the time go? It just seems like we were just doing this for Josh's junior prom and here we are 3 weeks away from graduation. This year, Josh and his friends--a different group than last year--met at Luke Cathy's house for pictures and to be picked up by their limo. Luke Cathy is the grandson of Truett Cathy--who is, as any true Southerner knows--the founder and owner of Chick Fil A. So needless to say, great house, great yard, great backdrop for before prom pictures! The rain took a little respite and we were able to take pictures outside.

This fountain is in the middle of the circular driveway in front of their house and sorta spurts up like the fountains at Centennial Park...didn't quite catch it at the right time with this picture, but too cute nonetheless.

Josh and his best friend, Daniel. Daniel was the first friend that Josh made when we moved to Clayton County after Daryl and I got married. I can still see them sitting on the first row of the church together at Vacation Bible School! What happened to those little boys?

Here's Josh trying to pull off regulation hair. One of Josh's friend's father is Coach Campbell, a part of the administration at ELCA and the official uniform/hair "nazi." (NOT my words, by the way, thus the quotation marks!) Anyway, Coach Campbell was there taking pictures of his son, so Josh had to keep his hair off his ears and collar and out of his eyes!

The Cathy's living room. This room was big and had tons of couches, chairs, combinations of both in little groups. It had the biggest couch/lounging chair I had ever seen (I would have taken a picture, but didn't want to seem like too much of a hick!)

Down by the lake

The guys being silly

The Cathy's personal limo.

And all the couples.

Josh and Maranda--love this picture

Inside, ready to go!
They headed for dinner at Maggiano's and then the Prom at the W Hotel downtown. After the prom, they'll head back to the Cathy house for fun and food. There is plenty to do there--pool (though I think it is too cold) sand volleyball, theater room, basketball courts (inside), and get this...they have a wardrobe (you know, from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe) that opens up and then you walk through a little door in the back and it leads to a secret staircase which opens up into a winter wonderland playroom type thing. Guess the Cathy's are big C.S. Lewis fans!

And to prove that despite their millions, their fabulous house, their four boats, their multiple cars and limos, and the biggest couch I've ever seen, Daryl took a picture of this:

Yes, leave it to my husband to be the only one taking pictures of a water bottle in the yard. Now of course, ours would have fallen out of our car and sitting right next to the broken down SUV in our driveway. In the weeddirt we like to pass off for grass. For weeks. Not right between
the outside amphitheater and the pool on the stone path leading down to the sand volleyball court and the dock. But really...we're no different!

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