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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Strep Throat...

(or how to get more pictures taken to post to your blog)

I've been neglecting the blog lately. For a while there, I felt I had a lot to say, a lot to show, a lot to share. Maybe it's the spring fever, maybe it's the crazy end of the year schedule, maybe it's that my laptop bit the dust. It's probably the latter to be honest. It's hard to be inspired when you are fighting three other people for the computer.

Anywho....this weekend was supposed to be busy. Supposed to be. Then with these four little words, all of the sudden, it wasn't--"Mommy, my mouth hurts." OK, OK, that wasn't the moment it changed, because honestly, I replied, "You'll be fine. Go play." Such compassion, I know. The moment really came twelve hours later in the form of blood curdling screams and flailing three year old. And motrin being spit into my face. And then later when a hot little body was pressed up against mine...the kind of hot that you only feel when your sick baby has a fever. Twelve hours after that, the dr. held in her hand what looked like a pregnancy test (and I think I took every brand on the market with Charlotte so I would know) and said, "This is just about the most positive strep test I have ever seen."

Gone were the plans for the soccers games. The birthday party. The wedding shower and fishing trip to the country. In its place were innumerable episodes of the Berenstain Bears, grumpiness, and a bribe of a Barbie doll if only she would take the medicine without painting my face with it. Daryl, Maddy, Sarah, and Charlotte headed down to the country without us, but with a camera. Had I gone, I would have been too busy getting things ready and getting myself ready and in a rush that the camera would have remained on the counter, I guarantee it!

This was from earlier in the day. I had Char in her Bumbo seat while I made Hannah's lunch, and she got ahold of a banana. She is always finding something on the counter and putting it in her mouth, but nothing had ever come out of it before--she was delighted as the smushed banana inside made its way into her mouth. She was not happy with me when I took it away from her!
Here's my little fisherwoman. I think she caught three fish!

Sarah, Nanny, and Charlotte. Love the look on Charlotte's face--"See Mom! I can survive without you!" She looks just like her PawPaw!

Uncle Jerry and the newest great grandchild, baby Grayson, just six weeks old!

Big sister Addison and cousin Noah.

The bride and groom (and crazy Aunt Donna!) Stacy and Casey (this is one of the ways that I remembered who was who when I first joined the family!) have been together longer than Daryl and I have been married, and they will make it official on May 22 here at the pond in the country.

Addison....just helping with the presents. Don't know when it happened, but I am told that Addison got herself hooked by a fishing pole! Usually Hannah and Addison are big buddies at family functions. I know her momma is glad that we kept Hannah at home and didn't "spread the love!"

Sweet Aunt Patricia with Charlotte--in one of the cute outfits she had gotten for her.

And then last but not least...and not really from the shower at all...
Some Charlotte cuteness...

Hopefully this week will find me more inspired, with more time, to blog.
And if not blog, at least take more pictures!

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