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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break

Remember when Spring Break meant a road trip to Florida with your sorority sisters in a VW Rabbit, all night parties, living in your bathing suit, sleeping late, and other activities of which you are now not so proud of? There was a time, when just thinking about those days made me wistful, wishing for days gone by when I could subsist on very little sleep, could comfortably spend the day in my swimsuit, and the highlight of my day was cruising the beach. Now? It just makes me tired, and so thankful for the Spring Break I just had. Lots of rest and relaxation, just enough time in my swimsuit to get a good tan, good times with family, lots of time with my girls.

And yes...I took my camera. Yay me! (If you have a tween, you will know where that comes from!) And I did take some pictures. But of the really fun stuff the kids did? Of the supercute stuff? I took the pictures. Really, I did. Just ask Daryl. I sent them to him on my phone, on which I also took the pictures. Which would be great if I could locate the cord to get them off of my phone and on to the computer. But...oh know.

But here are the pictures I DID take with my camera...none of them too cute, nor too fun.
Except of course...Miss Charlotte in the jumperoo. We had been lamenting the fact that we had gotten rid of the jumperoo after Hannah. Then, while I was putting some of the stuffed animals in the storage room (because Hannah said the "creeped her out") there it was. I do believe I squealed in delight!

These were the "babies" that didn't creep her out. This whole box full. And every night, we would carry the entire box downstairs to the bedroom and she would arrange them around the room to sleep. And then every morning, we would carry it upstairs so she could play with them. Her favorite? A Farrah Fawcett Barbie doll. Excuse me. A naked Farrah Fawcett Barbie doll. With one arm. And fake eyelashes. Complete with the Farrah "do."
The big girls, when not going to the movies or swimming, played games and cards with Grandma and Grandpa.

And Charlotte had her first sink bath...a tradition at Grandma's house! I have a picture of each one of the kids in Grandma's sink.
I hope to find the cord to the phone soon, because really...that is where the cute pictures are!
Despite missing my sweetie (who stayed home to work), and a dead car battery (thank you Daddy!), and clouds of pollen that floated through the air, we had a great time and came home nice and rested, and with my lesson plans done!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for a great time! We love you!

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