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Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Date Night

Daryl is getting big big brownie points as a daddy these days. For Father's Day, he wrote each of the big kids a letter telling them how proud he was to be their dad (and a bunch of other mushy stuff that made me (and Sarah) cry). Then tonight was Daddy-Daughter Date Night at Truett's Grill. You had to make reservations, get dressed up, and everything. Here's my man and my girls all ready to go (and all in blue too!)
I stayed home and took a walk and lounged on the couch in complete silence, but I sent the camera with them. Here is a first. For as long as she has been alive, Hannah has been terrified of the Chick Fil A cow. She has spent many a dinner with her head buried in Daryl's neck. So convinced that her brother was inside the cow costume that she even went over and got her picture taken with him!

Their directions were to 'discreetly' get a picture of Josh working. Not sure how discreet they were, but here he is in action!
After dinner, there were crafts outside.

I think they all had fun, and Daryl is back to work in the "room" while the rest of us women sit and watch TV. I'm hoping Daddy-Daughter date night becomes a regular occurence in our house. There's nothing quite like a daddy and his girls!

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