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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Daryl!

(or why I just may be the worst wife ever)

Growing up, my mom always made sure our birthday was special. We always had candles in our breakfast (donuts usually), candles in our lunch, candles in our cake, gifts picked with loving care. As a mother, I have tried to do this with my kids too. And with Daryl. And today, the day celebrating the 45th anniversary of his birth? Epic Fail.

No candles in his breakfast--we both rushed out the door this morning. I'm not even sure if I kissed him good bye. I did tell him Happy Birthday this morning as soon as he woke up, though, in my defense. After a long day of working (electrical for him, tutoring for me) we met at Chili's for a family celebratory dinner. Where he and Josh very proudly told me that they had flea bombed the house. Now, I should have been grateful for the initiative to get the dogs flea free. I should have. In hindsight. But instead, I spent the whole dinner worried and fussing because they had failed to cover/remove any of Charlotte's things. I turned what should have been a nice family dinner (despite the very loud Charlotte and the flinging of mashed potatoes) into a not very pleasant experience. I"m afraid that when we got home, the birthday fail continued with me going out for a walk while all of Char's things went through the laundry and he was stuck giving the dogs a flea bath.

We did finally get around to having cake and presents.

Here's Daryl and Hannah patiently waiting for Josh to light his candle.

Blowing out his candle. (Yes. that is a decorative candle, as I was woefully unprepared and no regular candles left)
Reading his card from my mom and dad.

And finally cake! He requested vanilla with buttercream icing.
Hannah loved it!

Really really loved it.

Charlotte was asleep, Sarah at a mandatory cheer meeting, and Madeline at the beach at camp, so it was just the little girls, Josh, and us.
So a picture of Josh--with our defective knife.

All this to say happy birthday to my sweet, patient, understanding husband whom I do not even come close to deserving. I thank God every day for sending him to us!
I love you, Daryl!

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